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A sitting African president will pass away within 8months....
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I see a change in the Top Leadership of UPDF, the top...
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Continue to pray against a helicopter crash in Congo that...
Prophecy For 2014


In 2014 says the lord, i am calling upon you. There is an alignment a repositioning. I am calling everyone to get back to their right positioning in myself says the lord for whoever will be misplaced shall not stand the days to come. For only those who stand in their right positions, shall overcome, shall be victorious, shall stand the test of time in your nation says the Lord. In 2014 you shall see a new alignment, a new repositioning, for God says, " they that refuse to be aligned shall be kicked away". They shall be kicked away.



For I am doing a new thing, am demonstrating my glory in my church ( more ) than ever before. To those that laughed (mocked) at my church, i looked and watched from heaven, waiting for a time such as this. That i may shine my glory as i display my power, when my church is in position, it takes up the right position that i may demonstrate my power, demonstrate my glory shall be manifested that those who know their God , shall do exploits , they shall, says the lord in the Church of Uganda.

And the word of the Lord comes to me, about Uganda, that; oh Uganda, return to me with all of your heart. Don’t trust in your own might; rather put your trust in my name. For in the days to come, the lord shows me certain laws being passed in this nation that are contrary to the word of God, that are pressures from the western world. A Tough time is coming even in this nation, based on certain laws that are going to be passed that affect the church. They that trusted their might shall be put to shame, for in the days and years to come, starting 2014, diseases shall strike certain personalities in the country and their money will not deliver them. For because they put their trust in their idols, I will prove to them in those days that its only in me that they can be free and secure for thus says the lord , many shall be rushed out of the country because of certain strange illnesses that will come upon them. And God says i will use that to turn their hearts back to me, for they diverted from myself and they trusted their own ways and wisdom, i will use that to bring them back to myself thus says the spirit of the living God.

There is going to be strife; a parting of ways between some prominent politician and the president, there is a prominent minister, there is an M (Letter M) connected to him. There shall be a falling apart that will shock people. They will say " what is the cause of this ? we dint expect this, it is strange" . The lord will use that to communicate to the nation that you are about to enter into a new chapter in the leadership of this nation.

The lord says, what happened in Kenya, in the past (the attacks) was an awakening to prepare a generation who will build the security of the country. For when they looked on their fore fathers their confidence was in their fore fathers. The lord isn't against Kenya but he used this to bring something new in Kenya, awaken a new breed of youth that will greatly improve the security of Kenya.

There will rise a female figure in rwanda who will be bold enough to show interest in the presidency and it will be in the news. The lord says, that that will be a sign that rwanda very soon have a female president. And this will be a good sign.

There will be an exposure says the Lord, there’ll be an exposure because they are already in the land, intruders, who have entered the land of the United States of America plotting evil but they shall be exposed. Even in Washington they shall be exposed in a few days from now, there will be an attempt on the president of the land but they shall be exposed. They will not only be in Washington but even on the West Coast of America for they plot something deadly to destroy a multitude of people.

Russia - Syria
The Lords says, many have said "Putin is an Anti-Christ". The lord says, for they that said and believed that; and even when he himself (Putin) thought that he cannot be moved; that he is the master who controls Russia. The lord says he shall not control that nation (and) in a few years from now he will be off the scene; Says the Spirit. For no one shall exalt himself against me. I’ll put down that who is proud and I will raise up the anointed for thus says the Lord; When he connected with Syria to plot evil against Israel, i saw what was discussed (and), i will expose them and take them off for thus says the lord, “is Syria to be left like that". When you saw America withdraw from attacking Syria, God says "was it in my heart ?; am i through with Syria ? , will i continue to look on as people die in this Nation ?” “Far be it from me” says the lord, for i will move and uproot that which was not planted by myself, for the leader of Syria shall soon fall. For thus says the lord, even those that are close to him shall plot his downfall. It was the spirit of deception that misguided America and God says, "shall Israel seek protection from America? " Their protection comes from me. For thus says the Lord , watch what i do between 2014 and 2016, see how i defend Israel, see how i fight against their enemies. See how i prove to them that America is not their strength, for i myself shall fulfill my word between 2014 and 2016 for i will reveal myself even in the middle east for the sake of Israel.

South Africa
He is rising up, he is cut off from the ANC , he is a youthful young man, he is rising up, he is showing interest in the presidency ( of South Africa ). He is gaining support and will rise to fame in South Africa and he will be a young vibrant man cut off from the ANC. And the lord says, i will give him favor and i will raise him to the position of president. Says the Spirit of God

A president is going to be held hostage in a nearby country. They will attempt to take control of an airport.

There will be rise and fall but the fall will dominate. In 2014 there will be a fall of many leaders. The mighty will fall; the mighty will be brought down in the continent of Europe. Strange things will happen to the royals in Britain, unheard of and strange. And they will say, “how did these people evade our Security ?". These people will have access to the royal palace. God is calling upon the continent of Europe to turn back to their first love (God). They once had a love for God but their hearts became heavy. Because of their prosperity, they put trust in their material wealth but they are being called back.

There is a big Boeing plane crashing on the continent of Europe, with many lives lost. This shall be a sign of the falling because there has been prevailing arrogance on the European Continent.

Arab World
Unusual things shall happen says the spirit of God. For in the desert there shall be rain. For in nations that you call deserts, the rain shall fall. And it shall be said that this has never been heard of. Because i am performing signs and wonders in your days, these strange things shall happen. This shall be a sign that even when these countries are founded on Islam, i still have a heart for them.

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