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I testify that when God says something, He fulfills it sometimes sooner that we anticipate. At the beginning of the year, I visited prophet Alpha so that he could seek the mind/plan of God for my life for the year 2014. He spoke that God would take care of my school going children's fees and that they would find vacancies at the right schools. He said the word was that this year is a year for God to establish their education foundation. Coincidently that very day I had just received their admission letters from a new school. When Alpha mentioned that, I was confident that I had made the right decision to change their school erasing all doubt that I had.
That very day, the school had given me a deadline to pay the fees or else loose the vacancies. Looking at my financial situation, I was bleak where the provision would come from. But God was already in action, my mother rung me and told me I had full grown cows that need to be sold! The amount was sufficient to pay the fees! One month later, while my mother was praying, God convicted her to pay fees for one of the children! I thank God for indeed he has brought this prophesy to pass in regard to my children's education.
 By Rosette ~ March 2014

God did it again. Following the word for the month of February about us receiving surprise financial break throughs, I got a surprise SMS that my account had been credited with money that I had almost given up on!
 By Rosette ~ March 2014