Obedience to the Call

In 2008 after a 4:00am Morning Prayer I had this encounter. I heard a clear voice in my room calling me three times.I answered, "Yes Lord." My Spiritual eyes opened and i saw a bright light where the voice was coming from. The voice urged me “come up here”. I responded, “I do not know how to get up there”.

 I was told “if you are willing, you will make it”. I then focused to will, came out of my body and stood on my bed. I could see my lifeless body lying on the bed. I was then lifted higher towards the roof of the house and beyond at a terrific speed where the laws of gravity do not apply. I found myself in a Glorious place modeled like a stadium with thousands of angels worshiping. The worship was so sweet that I desired to join in but the language they were using was a hindrance. I stood next to one of the Angels, who radiated a fullness of Love. Being taller than I was, he looked down at me and smiled. I could see the Glory of the Lord arise from beneath where we stood. At the center of this stadium, was one more Glorious than the rest adorning a Crown and Golden Belt. His eyes were like a flame of fire that i opted to look at his feet as I was terrified by his look.


I saw a woman standing in front of this being. She was asked for accountability of her earthly life. I then realized she had passed on from earth. She responded saying “I was an Usher in Church and participated in Hospital Ministry”. He then asked her “Is this the work I assigned to you ?” My pastor told me this is where I was best suited in Ministry. This dialogue that I could vividly hear, frightened me because I knew that I was next in line and didn’t know what to say. The Lord then said to the woman “You are welcome to the kingdom but you will have no reward, for everyone is rewarded according to the work I assigned them to accomplish”.


The Lord then looked at me from a distance and asked "Alpha, what are you doing here ?” I could not answer. The Lord began to walk towards me and asked "What are you doing on earth ? " I am Preaching, Pastoring, Praying for the sick and Prophesying, I responded. “If this was your last day on earth I would put you in the same category as the sister before", the Lord said to me. At these words, i trembled and fell at his feet. He stretched forth His hand and touched me, encouraging me not to fear. He ordered me to stand up. Now standing, I inquired of the Lord to clarify on what he called me to do. He said, “In Heaven, we know you as a Prophet of God." I reasoned with him saying, indeed I do Prophecy on earth. The Lord informed me that I had not done even a quarter of the Prophetic Ministry. “You were commissioned to go beyond the four walls of the Church, to Leaders and Kings as the Prophets in the olden days, he said to me” I responded saying, Pastors teach that the Ministry of the Prophet does not exist, it is merely the grace and no one can operate in the full capacity of a Prophet. The Lord asked, "What does my word say?" I replied saying, “I think it is written”. Interjecting, the Lord rebuked me saying, “You know it is written and yet you say I think? “. I asked for his forgiveness.


The Lord continued, saying, my word teaches that I gave fivefold Ministry Gifts, the Prophet being inclusive but your churches on earth have violated my word by teaching their own traditions of men” This revelation shocked me that i reminded the Lord of His word which says that he purchased the church with His own blood and therefore it is His church. The Lord replied, "The church is only mine when it is built on my word and it seizes to be mine when it is built on traditions of men." I was then cautioned by the Lord to operate in the full capacity of a Prophet beyond the four walls of the church and reminded that every ministry gift was given to multiply the kingdom. Using the example of an evangelist who draws men to Christ through crusades, the Lord said, as a Prophet, I should use my gift to draw men to the kingdom. The Lord continued saying, there are many on earth who are not operating in their true callings and there is not reward for them. “I am sending you back to warn my servants who have left their true calling and diverted to works I did not call them to. It is time for them to self-evaluate if what they are doing is in line with what I called them to do. You shall also speak to fellow Prophets to go beyond the four walls of the Church”. The Lord then walked back to the center of the stadium.


I then heard a voice that instructed me to look down. I could see the planet earth and in a particular town, I saw a boy of about 16 years carrying out street evangelism. The boy ministered to two individuals. One was a witch in the city and the other was an adulterer because he was rich. As this evangelist preached to them, I could vividly hear the young boy lead them in prayer to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. I saw one by one being lifted from the earth to the place where i was standing. Again, the Lord stood next to me. My focus was fixated on the Cross, where the Lord got each of these men and crucified them in turn. The men cried in pain until they had to die. The outcome of this would emerge a perfect being holier than I was, this consumed my admiration. The Lord then took the dead body of the first man and threw it into the big sea. There Spirits were still very clean and perfect. The same was done to the second man also. Within me, I wondered whether murder occurred in Heaven!


Reading my thoughts, the Lord asked why i was thinking of murder, because what I saw was not murder. The Lord asked, "Haven't you read what Paul taught in 2 Corinth 5:17 that if any man be in Christ he is a new creation! This is what has happened to these men, the old which is their body had been thrown in the sea. This is in line with what the Prophet Jeremiah says, their sin I will remember no more (Jeremiah 31:34).I wanted to illustrate what happens to one when he accepts me, he said. It is time to go back, but remember to fulfill the call because someday you will again stand before me to give accountability. Warn the rest because everyone will appear before me.”


In an instant, I was then transported to a place where I was alone in space. A voice spoke loudly to me, telling me to go back into my body and to remember that I am now a dead man in the natural world. Now descending at a very high speed, I saw planet earth then Entebbe town, then the locality where I lived. At this time, my neighbors were starting the days' work. Standing on the roof as a Spiritual being, I could see my body. I continued down to my bedside wondering how i was going to make it back into the body. Like the Prophet Elisha I lay on my body and returned to the world consciousness. There was a strong presence of God in my room leaving no doubt that what I just experienced was of God.


Message to the Reader


1. Do what you were called to do and do not imitate others

2. Everyone that is born again is a new creation

3. Always verify that doctrine does not conflict with the written word

4. The Fear of men can lead to missing out on your eternal reward