The Day of The Lord

It was a dream and I saw as if I was in fellowship because I remember the faces, then I began to prophecy the words , thus says the Lord, it is time to be doers of the word instead of just hearing without doing. ( James 1:22-25 ).

As I prophesied, I saw heaven open and the scene changed, and I saw the entire world, I saw Angels, but Heaven looked to be bigger than the entire earth. Then I saw a being arising from the heavens and he was very huge and Glorious, to the extent that his Hand could dissolve or destroy the earth. The earth was small to that level. I got really scared and then I started hearing the voice speaking saying “The Great Day of the Lord is coming very soon, it is going to be a dreadful day” So when I heard this, I started seeing people running on earth. (Malachi 4 - Joel 2:31 – Acts 2:20)

They were running to hide in rocks and mountains, they wanted to die a natural death because it was a dreadful day. They were avoiding to look into the eyes of this divine being. The voice continued to say that it would be a dreadful day when it comes and it is coming very soon. So, I wanted to come out of the dream because of the fear in the dream. But when I came out of the dream, I sensed a physical hand touch me and change the direction to which I was facing on my bed. I knew this was divine from above. As I pondered on this experience, the Spirit of the Lord said to me “Go and proclaim the exact thing that you have heard to the Church about the Great Day of the Lord that is coming”