Church Unity

The Lord said, I spoke about divine order that will return to my church,

 that you are in the days of Unity. That I am uniting, I am bringing unity within my Church, because you are the body of Christ. For thus says the lord, even as it was in the Apostolic Church that even after apostle Paul received the revelation of the message that I had given him for the gentiles. He sought out Peter and John in Jerusalem as a sign of unity. So shall it be that I am bringing back unity in the house. There will be oneness. There shall be not peoples, but you shall become one people, for you are all the body of Christ says the Spirit of the Living God. And in that time there will be a move of the Spirit of the living God than ever before in this country, says the Spirit of the Living God.

When I called on them, they refused to give me attention. When I warned them, they did not tremble at my word. The Lord says, that because you rejected correction, you were given to the Spirit of deception that brought pride and you became proud. You became like gods, of the nations. For God says, I am speaking on the level of leaders of nations, so they were given to the Spirit of deception and they will be destroyed for refusing correction for I sent correction to them, I spoke to them in many ways, yet they refused to give heed to my corrections and warnings, behold the Angel of destruction shall come and destroy and they will have no one to blame, for they were warned and they did not heed my warnings. They did not tremble at my warnings. The Lord says, this is going to happen in the great lake region of East Africa. I am seeing at the moment, there is a spirit of assassination in the great lake region of East Africa. I am seeing something in South Sudan and other countries I will not mention.

Father we pray that you have mercy on the land and the region. That you have mercy on these leaders. Deliver them that they will wake up, tremble at your word and do the right thing, in the name of Jesus, we present them before you. Because you have anointed us as a prophetic voice to the nations, we pray for them that you will have mercy on them, that they will break down and do the right thing and be delivered. Thank You Jesus.