Ezekiel Vision

On 31st January, while praying, I was ushered into a realm

 beyond praying in tongues that I am used to. I was awake and not asleep. The word of the Lord came to me and I beheld the visions of God where I was taken into the past, into the time of the beginning and I saw the man Adam. I saw when the breath of God came into him and he became a living being. I saw Angels and a specific Angel spoke to me concerning many things concerning my ministry. He said “A mighty move of God is coming in the next five months. We shall see mighty things; there will be growth, increase and establishment”.

I was taken to Kamuli district and I saw serious development in the next three years. I was taken to north east and behold some discoveries of minerals; I saw something special discovered in Karamoja. I heard a voice speaking from heaven saying “the opening of the fifth seal shall be upon Europe”. I also heard a voice say “Woe unto you Europe “. I heard that “God will move in the northern part of Chile. There will be an earthquake in the north of Chile as a sign of this mighty move of God”. Another voice said to me “You have now been released as a restoration prophet like Ezekiel “.

When I inquired more of the Lord on this, he said to me “There are dimensions, the phase of Jeremiah (in which I have been operating) is over, I now want you to enter the dimension of Ezekiel to bring restoration, you are going to be a man who will see more visions, strange things will happen to you that you have not experienced because of this new operation. There are some people around you who will fail to understand you. There are times when I told Ezekiel to do strange things. Primarily, you are going to bring restoration to many.”

Continue to pray against the shooting of a certain MP from the north. There is a minor reshuffle of the cabinet that will happen very soon. I see the face of the vice president and the minister of energy being changed. There is change that is going to happen to do with the person who is the head of FUFA. It is a good thing. I see tension increasing in DRC and the president disappearing like what happened in Gambia. The politics of the northern Sudan is changing. There will rise a lady who will become a thorn in the flesh of Bashir’s regime. The spirit of God says, when you see this, it will be a sign that am changing everything about that nation. Even in the way they believe, for God says, I will rise up in the days to come and the gospel shall be openly received.