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Awake Awake that slumber in my House

The word of the Lord comes to me this day of 2nd-April-2020
The nations are terrified coming what is happening, they are now wondering whether this is the end of the world. Thus saith the Lord God, when you said when will the Lord come back ever since He declared that HE is coming back soon. You said it can't be true because many years have passed and nothing is happening, you decided to doubt my word and you went on to live your own lives, Oh you nations of the world.

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The Days That Speak Of The End & Salvation in Dubai-Abudhabi

What is happening in the world, the disease that is spreading is like what happened in Egypt when my people were protected by the blood on their doorposts. ( Exodus 12:13-28). The spirit of God says, that those that have been marked by my Mark will be spared. He says, do not be afraid, for those that are in me. For you shall be and you are shielded from the evil that is roaming on planet earth.

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Times of Refreshing - 2020 Part Three

The winds of change continue to blow over this continent of Africa, with times of refreshment in my house, in the Church, the refreshing rain shall be released in this season in my Church, says the Lord. And there will be an awakening, there will be an awakening, says the Lord. I will shake the earth, the earth shall be shaken on behalf of my chosen ones, the earth shall be shaken, that also the kingdom of darkness, can be shaken in this year.

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Winds of Change - 2020 Part Two

The word of the Lord came to me concerning Uganda saying “Thus says the Lord, prepare the way, prepare, for behold it is a year of a new beginning in this country. That which has been known about this country is changing. The winds of change, the winds of change, behold a new chapter for greatness in this country.” Then I started to see the army becoming very active in the North.

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Prophecy to the Church - 2020 Part One

In 2020, God will divinely Guide his Church, his children towards ripe hearts. He will guide us to places and people whose hearts are ripe. There will be no need to convince people with many words because their hearts are already ripe. More souls are going to be harvested in this new year. It is also going to be a year where God will expose and destroy the sorcery spirit.

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The Day is Coming

It was a dream and I saw as if I was in fellowship because I remember the faces, then I began to prophecy the words , thus says the Lord, it is time to be doers of the word instead of just hearing without doing. ( James 1:22-25 ). As I prophesied, I saw heaven open and the scene changed, and I saw the entire world, I saw Angels, but Heaven looked to be bigger than the entire earth.

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Revival and the true Shepherds

It shall be said “What is happening, where does he or she come from?” for the Spirit of God says, I am doing something that will be a surprise and a shock within the house of the Lord. For I am raising up men and women that will not be accepted. But they shall have an encounter with me. But they will cause change, they will be instruments of the revival,instruments of what the Lord God is doing within his house.

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The Day of The Lord

While in prayer, i found myself on a mountain that looked like the Prayer Mountain. I saw lightning flashes and thunder, and then the Spirit of the Lord said to me that “The Great Day of the Lord is coming; I am going to multiply the signs and wonders in the heavenly places”. Strange signs will start to multiply in the skies to portray the message of HIS coming. He then said to me that,

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Gospel in Saudi Arabia, KCCA Changes

Something is going to happen, I saw a move of the Spirit in Saudi Arabia. I saw a move of Christianity that is going to intensify. There is something that will be a sign among the royals, starting in September. The message being that the Spirit of God will be moving in that country or so called kingdom. There will be some sudden news about a prince. We are in the end times.

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Unity in the Church & Message to the Great Lakes Nations

The Lord said, I spoke about divine order that will return to my church, that you are in the days of Unity. That I am uniting, I am bringing unity within my Church, because you are the body of Christ. For thus says the lord, even as it was in the Apostolic Church that even after apostle Paul received the revelation of the message that I had given him for the gentiles.

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Mayor - North Korea - West Africa

Continue to pray for the health of the one who is Lord Mayor. I see him falling sick and flown out in a terrible condition. I also see a fire outbreak in a bank that is not of God. This bank has C written on it. I see fire brigade in the building. This Spirit of God says, we should continue to pray against this as this is the work of the devil.

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A New Beginning in Africa - The Glory in Asia: China - India

I am giving you access to the hidden treasures, the very things that have been hidden for years, for seasons, the Lord says, they are no longer hidden, by my Spirit for this hidden treasures I will reveal to you. I release the innovation grace upon you. The grace to pioneer, to innovate new ideas that are not laying with the traditions, yet you shall prosper in them, says the Lord.

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A Year of Purging and a Year of Sheaving

This is the year of purging, also the year of sheaving! (Malachi 3:3 says, He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi, and [a]purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord An offering in righteousness). In 2019, God is going to be more serious when it comes to purging of the church. Purity and righteousness is the heart of God for the church, for the body of Christ.

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Week 52

The Lord says, that, do not be afraid, for you shall finish the journey. For the Lord says, that I am speaking unto those that have remained faithful and have kept the path that I set before them that I am with you and you are not fainting. You shall continue to walk the journey, even as I gave Elijah divine ability when I sent the Angel to give him what to eat. God says,

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Week 49

I, who watch over you, do not sleep nor slumber. Thus saith the Lord, i am rising on your behalf and your enemies shall scatter. They have said, some among you, that, I the Lord, do not see what goes on in their dark places. For as the Spirit revealed to prophet Ezekiel what the elders were doing in hidden places, for behold they were worshiping idols the gods of the East(Ezekiel 8:5-16).

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