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Week 24

A sitting African president will pass away within 8months. Three radio stations in Uganda will be closed due to Security related issues. A group of people will be caught involved in illegal activities in Masindi,they will be arrested.I will cause you to wonder and be shocked as I start to uproot and destroy all altars of satan says the Lord. There will be a show of my might ( says the Lord ).

I will start to uproot that which I did not plant. I will destroy and bring down those that deceive this nation into believing in false gods. As a sign to you, I will perform a wonder in a district in western Uganda that has letter k in its name. This will terrorize all witches in this nation. I arise in this nation once again that you will know me as the only true God and besides me, there is no other. And I do not share my glory with human beings that have declared and said they are gods. They shall disappear and be buried in the dust and you shall know that I am rising up to bring the fear of my name in your nation.


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