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Week 46

An elderly man will soon be appointed to lead the nation of Israel.I am watching what the king of the North is doing. Who is the King of the North ? The Spirit of God says, when you read of Gog and Magog that i mentioned through my Prophet Ezekiel, for God says, the King of the North is the Leader of Russia. He says in his heart, " I will now trap America through their present Leader ".

The Spirit of God says, the present Leader (Trump) will awaken to the truth of what that president (Putin) is planning to do.Trump will not become a victim of the lies that come from the leader of Russia.

The Spirit of God says, for Russia wanted to put Trump in a trap into doing something evil against Israel. God says, in the 9th Month after Trump is sworn in,he will be awakened to these lies. Thus says the Lord, You will see a new man in Trump after the 9 months, for many of you across the world have said, he is a crazy man. But something special will happen in the 9th Month and i will change him for my own Glory and he will start to look at things as i see them. For i have raised him even to accomplish my purposes in the Middle East. For thus says the Lord, there will be a fall of dictators across this world even as i use him to blow the trumpet. The trumpet shall say "time is over, time is over", let my people go, says the Lord.

The time for a new Governor at the Bank of Uganda is very soon. Many have praised the present Governor for doing what he has done, but God will raise one who is even greater than the present one. When this shift happens, it will be a sign of a change in our Lives.


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