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A Wake up Call - Treasure the Gift of Christ

On the morning of Sunday, 12th March 2017, i found myself in a certain place, where i could see Saints who had died in the Lord. I began to see many people whom i knew had died in the Lord Jesus because it was a place of rest. An Angel spoke to me saying, "do you remember how long you will live ?" to which i responded "yes, i remember". I then asked that i be added more years on Earth.

To which the Angel replied, "where i am taking you, will be the one who can reward you". I began to see Jesus and i drew closer. He is full of Love. I asked the Angel by my side, many things about my family and he told me about their future. As i drew closer, the Angel spoke to me saying, "in the old testament, there is something i want to show you". His voice faded and i started to hear a more authoritative voice that said " in the old testament, i tried to show my love to the world but it was imperfect. But in the new testament, my love to the world was perfected because of Jesus." When this voice finished speaking, i continued looking at the Saints, when Another Angel announced " The Ancient of days is coming". At this announcement, there was silence every where.

I then saw a Spirit being that i cannot fully describe. This being had a humanoid form and exuded an intense light. When this being started to turn so that his one eye could be seen , very sharp piercing light came out of one eye. There is no way i could look into this light even when i tried. In this moment, there seemed to be someone on earth who had committed a certain evil. This being became furious and wanted to destroy this person in an instant. I then saw Jesus, come in the face of this being to calm him down so this person would not be destroyed.

As the being started to speak with a voice like that of many waters, he said, "you are needed on the earth, you need to go back" Another light came from the eye of this being like a flashing torch and hit me and i came back to the earth.

My Interpretation of this: We shouldn't take the gift of Jesus lightly or carelessly. We should treasure the gift of Jesus and what he did for us. We should also aspire to fulfill our individual callings, because we shall all one day be required to account for our earthly work.



Week 23 - Prophetic Conference
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