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Week 23 - Prophetic Conference

To the Body of Jesus Christ
Allow my light to shine through you and come out of your traditions, for the Glory of the Lord has come in fullness as you keep watching. For the ancient Prophet Habakkuk said he would keep watching and see what the Lord would show him. Arise and watch that you shall flow with the divine of him who has called you. For in every place where my name is exalted my glory shall be manifested and there will be a flow of my Miracles not your own Miracles, not your own names but only my name be exalted says the Lord.

( Revelations 3:3 , Habakkuk 2 )

Until when will you keep back sliding, When you see my Miracles and you go back to worship idols. Return and devote yourself to me says the Lord. Many things have happened to you, says the Lord, to wake you up and come back to me but you have remained insensitive. The following will happen to continue to awaken you to the realization that idols profit nothing. Your idols shall be torn down starting in August. Many rich people who got there wealth through wrong sources shall loose it and be exposed greatly starting August 2017.

The Economy will start to pick up in the next year 2018 starting May, the Shilling will start to put on flesh. Something will happen towards the end of the Year in November concerning the economy and especially Bank of Uganda.

In the next three years starting today, there will be changes in the ruling party. The organization structure will change. In the next seven months , four strong personalities will get off the scene. Three men and one woman. The current secretary general will be changed and moved to somewhere else. FDC will keep seeing changes also. I see many youth taking up leadership positions in this party. In November, these changes will start to manifest. The president general will be changed. Seven years of plenty are coming starting next year. Uganda will become more industrious in the next seven years. The Economy of this country will boom. It will overtake Kenya. The following Government Ministries will soon receive new leaders. Minister of Security, Minister of Finance, Ministry of Water, Minister of Energy.

North Korea
Thus says the Lord to North Korea. What was settled in your heart as the leader of this nation shall not prosper. For i myself shall humble you starting in March 2018. Like your Father so it shall be unto you since you have decided to follow your Father's footsteps.

I see African Leaders who will have to sit down to come up with ideas concerning two African Nations in west Africa. Certain two countries will have issues ( Mali is one of them ). Algerian leadership will change. Continue to Pray against a terrorist attack in Algeria that kills atleast 22 People.

South Sudan
Thus says the Lord, i will cause the fruit of your own choice to manifest. You will harvest it. One of your chose idolatry and witchcraft. The other chose violence. But you brought this upon yourself. Something new will come out of this Nation in 2019. None of these two people will bring anything serious for Sudan. God is seeing beyond the current Leader. The following nations will soon receive new Leaders as a sign of the move of God in these Nations; Chad, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Zambia, Malawi

Week 39
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