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Week 35

I picked Saul from his Family and it was the least. It was too much for him. He was not ready to receive the message that i delivered through the Prophet. And i was delighted in Saul. I delighted in him. I said to Samuel, " a man that is like no other one" and when Saul rose to Power, all was going well until the time when he started to take me for granted and he took me lightly.

He would no-longer abide in my word and i decided to choose David. I said " i have seen a man that is after my own heart ". Thus says the Lord, that which happened is happening today in my house in this country. For thus says the Lord, for now i have surrended and given up the "Sauls", those ones called "Sauls"

They have been released and i have chosen, i have annointed the "Davids". For this is the time for the "Davids" to rise up in this nation, says the Lord. And it shall come to pass, says the Lord, that the grace that Saul was enjoying shall be withdrawn in this season and my favor and my Spirit shall be strong upon the Davids of this generation. The Davids that were humble and trembled at my word. That are repentant. They feared me. They walked my way.Those are the people, that is the generation that i am raising up in this Nation. For the Lord says, it has began this month of September and it is going to unfold before your very eyes for the next 18 months in this nation. You shall see David rising and you shall see the Saul being rejected and my Spirit shall depart from them. The Spirit that gave them favor shall be withdrawn within the next 18 months says the Lord.

Week 39
Week 18
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