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The Prophetic Word for 2018

A lot of things will happen in this coming year. And it will happen so fast and I will do a quick work. Then the word of the Lord came to me saying, speak loud the word, proclaim it from the top so that it can be heard for he who has an ear should hear what my Spirit says. For whoever does not gather with me shall be scattered, says the Lord. I will strike the shepherd and the flock will scatter.

For the Lord says to Uganda, whoever shall not gather with me, shall be scattered and everything around them shall be scattered. There will be tension in the different parts of the country, the tension of splitting shall be strong. The main political party shall be shaken, the new beginning shall start in this party. The prominent historicals shall depart in 6 months. There will rise someone from the North in the politics of this country and the attention of the Government shall now change to the North. The so called rich and famous shall start to disappear because they did not gather with the Lord. Uganda shall see more strengthening of our ties with Asia. Some ministries will see changes, the heads of these ministries shall be changed. Ministry of Education, Finance, Internal Affairs, Constitutional Justice ministry.

The word of the Lord came to me saying about Kenya, “ I am the vine, be rooted in me, if you abide in me, you shall be fruitful this year”. The people especially politicians who do not abide in me, shall be uprooted in 2018. The nation shall see its economy recover and it will take off, unity shall come, the nation will experience spiritual awakening to pray than never before. Eldoret shall be visited and they shall gather there to pray. Watch out for eldoret for it shall be a gathering point, that God will use to bring this nation of kenya back to serious prayer. Some people shall try to harm the leader of this country, but God shall save the Leader.

DRC Congo
Prepare oh DRC, prepare, for change is coming. The President will face a lot of challenges in 2018, the very key people around him shall turn against him. There will be a storm in the North, unusual things will happen in the North, there will be a shaking in the North. I could see the earth shaking, floods and storms,a Spiritual thing God is doing in the North of that country. The Lord showed me certain things about Tanzania and South Africa that I will share at the right time.

Week 1
Week 47

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