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Week 1

The Lord says, there will be fear, there will be a fear of my name that shall be evident within my house. For when it was prophesied sometime back and people said, when will that happen, and they said, all those that are prophesying such things, they are just deceiving and lying to the church, but I say to thee, that what I speak is the truth and when I make a promise, i bring it to pass.

For the Lord says, that promise shall no longer be delayed but in your days even as you are ushered into 2018, behold the fear of my name shall return into my house, for my Glory shall be strong and the fear of my name shall return in my house, for thus says the Lord, for he that does not gather with me, for he that has been hiding behind my word and is not in my word shall be brought to light and shall be exposed, and they shall be fear of my name that shall be restored back into my house, says the Lord.

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Week 29
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