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Week 38

I saw in a dream, a big flat in which were many restaurants where people would go to eat food. These restaurants belonged to different political parties ( in Uganda ). People would eat and come out satisfied. There is a certain restaurant where people started to get conscious saying "that man, his food is poisonous, every time i eat from his place, i get stomach complications".

There was a certain hospital within the same building where people would go to check themselves, as to whether they had been poisoned. Those who checked themselves found it to be true that they had been poisoned by the food served at this famous restaurant. But again, there was another restaurant that was new. People were flocking to this restaurant in large numbers to enjoy the food. They didn't bother to check themselves at the hospital and they started to get the same complications. They exclaimed "even this new restaurant!" When i awoke from this dream, the Lord told me, this is the state of the people. If the Lord doesn't intervene, we shall not see a change. Whoever, will come, shall end up being the same thing.

This is the time for the Church to pray for the Lord to give us the right person and not just anyone for the sake of change! God showed me that there are people who are praying for this country. Their prayers have reached God.On the recent murder, he showed me the story of Cain and Abel, where the blood of Abel cried out to the Lord. (Gen 4:10). Though he wasn't a Christian, there is "Blood Crying". I saw that exposure has come because of his murder. Whoever has been behind all these things, will no longer be hidden. All this is because of those who continue to pray for the nation. Be prepared for big exposures. As the Church, continue to pray for peace to prevail in our nation.

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