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Week 49

I, who watch over you, do not sleep nor slumber. Thus saith the Lord, i am rising on your behalf and your enemies shall scatter. They have said, some among you, that, I the Lord, do not see what goes on in their dark places. For as the Spirit revealed to prophet Ezekiel what the elders were doing in hidden places, for behold they were worshiping idols the gods of the East(Ezekiel 8:5-16).

So, in the same manner some have departed from ME and are worshiping the gods from the East. For thus saith the Lord, "what can I liken the present state of my church ?",it can only be likened to the parable of the vineyard where good seeds were planted but during the night the evil one came and planted evil seeds(Mathew 13:24-28).

Repent oh you who have turned away, return to the true well of living water or else, be prepared because my sword of judgment is coming faster. For in the next 17 months I will carry out a cleansing that will be characterized with my judgments(Ezekiel 11:1-13), saith the Lord.My advise as a Prophet for over eighteen years, is that everyone, self evaluate for any form of idolatry in their life. Ask yourself, "Am i still following the true God and Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible"

Week 52
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