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Prophecy to the Church - 2020 Part One

In 2020, God will divinely Guide his Church, his children towards ripe hearts. He will guide us to places and people whose hearts are ripe. There will be no need to convince people with many words because their hearts are already ripe. More souls are going to be harvested in this new year. It is also going to be a year where God will expose and destroy the sorcery spirit.

The power of God is going to be shown supreme to a greater measure over sorcery and this spirit will start to crumble. The book of Acts Chapter 8, speaks of Simon a sorcerer who performed great wonders to the extent that it was said of him “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.”Later in the same chapter, we are told of how this very Simon recognized the supremacy of the true power of God that was upon Philip. This year, we the true Church of God are being endowed with more power over witchcraft. The satanic altars will collapse as the power of God intensifies, because they have been deceiving people for a long time. Everywhere we as the church go, witches and sorcerers will be terrorized and give their life to Jesus just as Simon came to Philip on his own accord.(See Acts 8:18-19)

In similar fashion, the Children of God will not have to expose those who practice these evil works by saying so and so is false. Instead, the power of God working in his Children will be so manifest as they “proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 8:12)” , to the extent that those who practice wicked works will be astonished by the great signs and miracles and seek mercy and deliverance. As his children, our preaching should focus on the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ in order for us to see this power. In our individual callings, let us believe God to be ten times empowered to extend his kingdom and terrorize the kingdom of darkness.

As Philip in Acts 8, received divine instruction to go to the desert road, so shall the winning of souls be divinely guided. The Lord will give his children visions and dreams on where to go and minister to win souls. Prophetic evangelism will take center stage beyond simply preaching and speaking general words of encouragement. God will guide his children to go to this house, “enter this taxi and speak to that person sited on the second row, she is ripe for the gospel”. His children will be preaching Christ by revelation. While it isn’t bad to for example speak generally to all people in a Taxi about salvation, his children will be better guided by revelation.

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