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Times of Refreshing - 2020 Part Three

The winds of change continue to blow over this continent of Africa, with times of refreshment in my house, in the Church, the refreshing rain shall be released in this season in my Church, says the Lord. And there will be an awakening, there will be an awakening, says the Lord. I will shake the earth, the earth shall be shaken on behalf of my chosen ones, the earth shall be shaken, that also the kingdom of darkness, can be shaken in this year.

For God says, there will be shaking of the earth, I see Ethiopia, I see the south of Ethiopia, the earth shall be shaken, even the border of Kenya in the north. There will be a shaking, there will be a shaking says the Spirit of the Living God. For I am doing something in this continent. I am doing something in this continent as the winds of change continue to blow over this continent says the Lord.

And the Lord says, even unto the United States of America, behold, that which I began, I shall bring it to pass. I shall bring it to pass and shall vindicate the one that I planted in the leadership position of that country. For God says, even as Zachariah saw the vision of Joshua that high priest when satan had put something that was not right upon him and then it was ordered that this thing be removed from the head of the high priest. God says that he shall vindicate the leader of that nation. He shall be vindicated that I may fulfill my purpose through him in that country says the Lord.

Thank you Jesus for the winds of change that you breath on this continent. As a church, times of refreshment, the rains of refreshment are being released upon us as the Church. We are growing from strength to strength in the mighty name of Jesus. The Church of Jesus is not weak, it is even more powerful that ever before, even in this year, demonstrating the Glory and Power of the Most High God.

When the leader of Zimbabwe, took over power, he started with a right heart. After some time, he diverted. This year will be a bad ;year for him. If he doesn’t turn back to the right thing, it will not be a good time for him. He might end up loosing that seat. God wants the politicians of this country to know that, it is not by might, it is by his grace. When they trusted in themselves, in their qualifications, their professions. God is reminding the leaders, that it is not by might, it is by my Spirit.

Awake Awake that slumber in my House
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