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The Days That Speak Of The End & Salvation in Dubai-Abudhabi

What is happening in the world, the disease that is spreading is like what happened in Egypt when my people were protected by the blood on their doorposts. ( Exodus 12:13-28). The spirit of God says, that those that have been marked by my Mark will be spared. He says, do not be afraid, for those that are in me. For you shall be and you are shielded from the evil that is roaming on planet earth.

But I say unto you, says the Spirit of God, for this is like an awakening in the nations that turned their back on me and they said, there is no God. They said, Jesus is not the Son of God. God says, I use this to bring an awakening that they may know that there is a supreme God. That their eyes will be opened to see, I, the true living God that put the world into existence, but I will shelter my own because this has not come to harm my own.

It has come as an awakening to the nations that they may turn from worship of idols to the true Living God. And indeed, the Church will rise in might and power to demonstrate my Glory and My power, so that they can be the solution to the world for these are the days that speak of the end. The days that Isaiah declared in his vision, and he said, behold, in the latter days, the mountain of the Lord shall be exalted above all mountains and all nations shall run to the mountain of God. The church, shall stand, shall rise to greater heights as a solution, as the light to the confused world says the Spirit of God.

Salvation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Something is going to happen in Dubai, in Dubai something is going to happen, something is going to happen, I see a serious call of God in that city of Dubai. Even the one that they say, that they are too much into the Islamic faith. I am seeing the city in Abu Dhabi, something is happening. God is visiting Abu Dhabi, God is visiting Dubai, there will be harvest of Souls, Churches shall be recognized. They shall no longer be hidden. They shall be recognized in these cities, in these nations, thank you Jesus.

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