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2021 Prophecy

     Highlights from the Message 

  1. Let your Star Shine ! Come out of Hiding, that Christ May shine on you 
  2. Time for the Church to awaken from slumber (Shakeups Globally) 
  3. God dealing with tribalism and absalom spirit in Uganda 
  4. The will of God to prevail in the Ugandan Election 
  5. Exposures in the politics in the first 17 days of January 2021 
  6. Coming Resignations from Public Offices ( willingly and forcefully )
  7. Fuel Scarcity 
  8. Men of God going home this year
  9. Oneness in East Africa ( Spreading of the Gospel )
  10. Attempted assassination on DRC Leader
  11. Attack on Health of Prominent Kenyan politician
  12. Medical Breakthroughs in Kenya 
Awake Awake that slumber in my House

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