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Week 15

I perceive a change coming in the management of Mulago Hospital from the top to whatever position that is there. There is a change that is coming and when it happens, the hospital shall be restored back to the former glory that it had in the beginning in the name of the Lord.I see some arrests of some group of people in the South West; they are involved in funny activities but they will be arrested.

There are some people also plotting something bad around Kampala here, will be arrested in Ntinda. They are a group and have been doing some bad things here in Kampala but they’ll be arrested around Ntinda.There is something disastrous in Asia; however I pray that it does not happen. I see a big, giant Boeing plane, these that have just been manufactured, crushing and killing people. We pray and cancel that as God does not want people dying.

I bring a change says the Spirit of the Lord. This change will come in a surprising way in the world. This change shall be in Germany. This surprise shall shock the world it will involve the leadership of the President. There is a change coming in the Leadership of Germany not many days from now.

Rest in God
The Kingdom of God is Power - Part 2 - Sermon

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