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Week 17

I hear the Lord saying that the changes that I prophesied are not yet over.  There will be a change in Army Commander, a new name.It is not yet over says the Spirit of the Lord.There is movement of my Spirit in Gulu, changes are coming in Gulu. There shall be heavy floods. This is not to condemn them or judge them but a sign of the move of my Spirit in that district.  They will say ‘these floods are unusual’ but it will be a sign says the Spirit.

 It is not judging on your neighboring country but a sign that I am moving.  There will be unusual happenings in Southern Sudan.  There will be an earthquake. I am shaking the foundation of adultery says the Spirit of the Lord.  They have sacrificed blood to foreign gods but I move and shake the foundations of those small gods. There will be a change in the cabinet of Southern Sudan.


God's Original Plan for Man - Part 2 - Sermon
Week 16

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