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God's Original Plan for Man - Part 3 - Sermon

I have been sharing with you that religion is man made and not from God.  It was after the fall of man that he came up with his own religion.  In Genesis Adam made his own clothes but God corrected him and gave him skin.  This was to show that God did not want your own works.  That animal skin was a symbol of Jesus’ death through which we are made righteous. We defend our religions a lot however we should take

time and research on these religions and we shall realize that they are man made.The Protestant Movement started when Martin Luther protested some of the things that were done in the Catholic Church.  The Pentecostal movement started when some people received the revelation of Acts and the move of the Holy Spirit.But God’s plan was not religion but relationship.  We are all going to the same heaven. There is no special heaven for a particular religion.  The man that prophesied my gift,  was from the Orthodox religion.  When he came for the conference I was wondering why they had brought an Orthodox to us the Pentecostals; he was even wearing the cross. But when he began to preach and told us how he had given his life to Christ, I was mesmerized; and when he began to prophesy, he was so accurate.  It was different from what I had seen where people created fear before prophesying. He was so gentle.  This shows that it is about your personal relationship with Jesus, not your clothes or religion.


This is the more important thing.  It is about you and not the congregation. Abraham and Noah qualified to be righteous before the Law.  This means that one can be righteous by  accepting Christ.  Some of you are tired because of the works that you do to please God. You torment yourself with works. But when you have a personal relationship with Jesus, everything that you do shall be guided by the Lord. Your fasting shall be inspired by the Lord, because He shall whisper to you and tell you to fast and number of days to do it.  It is why Jesus said come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest; he said my yoke is light. Come to Jesus from your religions and you shall have rest.  When you understand this you shall have a better life and enjoy it because you will know it is by the grace of God.  Your promotions and further studies and lost love shall come easier by the grace of God. With a personal relationship with God, all things are possible.


This year can be a turning point not because of works but because you have acknowledged it that it is by His will. Genesis 6:9 – Noah was called perfect even before the law, remember the law came through Moses. Noah walked with God; what qualified him to be righteous is because he had fellowship with God.  People think you can only be righteous by the law and following the Ten Commandments.  When Jesus came he showed us that even with the mind we can sin. He was showing us that we cannot be righteous on our own. We all know our thoughts; this is why we need Jesus.  According to the law when one you break one sin, all are broken.  It is why in Jeremiah 31: God made a new covenant and said he’d write the commandments upon their hearts because they had broken all the laws.  But in Jesus, you see that you can error but it is never late to say sorry.  When you come to him he says your sins are forgiven.  It does not matter what people see in you, but the way Jesus sees you.  God was a murderer but he became a Saint when he let go of all his sins and put his faith and life in Christ Jesus.


We are all saints in Christ Jesus.  That is why Paul in his letters addressed people as ‘to all the saints in Corinth. He had received the revelation that we are all righteous in Christ Jesus not basing on our past works or origins. It is by faith in Christ; when you put your faith in Jesus you become a new being - 2 Corinthians 5:17. So Noah became righteous because of his faith in God and not because of the law – Hebrews 11:7.  When you understand this truth, even the sky will not be the limit for you. Righteousness comes by faith.  Nothing can stop you or limit you because Jesus came and when He came He became sin for you so that you can receive righteousness, that you may receive healing; he became poor that we may become rich. So we are not meant to be poor because he took over the poverty. If your parents have been poor it does not prevent you from believing God for wealth because Jesus took away the poverty. Before I knew Him I did not qualify to speak for Him but when I accepted him I qualified to be speak for Him,to say a ‘thus says the Lord’.


That is why we prophesy boldly to the media and ask you to write down your personal prophecies for reference; because we are sure of what we are saying.

Abraham qualified to be righteous because he believed in God and the bible says he addressed him as friend; it was because of the personal relationship with God.

You are not more righteous because you are here in this fellowship, but can be even when at home because you accepted Jesus.  It is about a personal relationship with God. Genesis 15:6 – Abraham believed in the Lord and it was accounted to him through righteousness.  Because he believed that he would have the child he qualified to be righteous. Are you believing the report of the Lord? When you believe in the Lord and all that he says and take His word for it, then you are righteous.  Unbelief is a sin. Many have missed on the opportunities and not started some business because of unbelief.  Some of us go through financial challenges and we blame God.  God has set some principals and when we follow them we prosper for instance – give and it will be given to you; bring the tithe to my house and you will be blessed.  But we do not obey these principles and we blame the Lord.


These principles apply to all.  There is a brother that I blessed and he blessed me with money that I used to but church land.  Many pastors in my town were telling me that I  should have used it for myself.  But the Spirit of the Lord, when I did this, told me that ‘you have passed the test’.   I am enjoying all in my life because of giving. So when you receive this revelation, you shall walk into your prosperity.  I pray that we are begin to act and put what we have learnt into action.



God's Original Plan for Man - Part 4 - Sermon
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