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Week 19

I saw a certain big hospital on fire. They tried to come and put out the fire but it had already destroyed a number of things and many patients lost their lives. God showed me that in the next six (6) months starting this very May, there is going to be a move of the Spirit in finances, specifically in the figure six (6). There are many people that have been earning 500,000 and below but they are about to step into 600,000;

those earning 1million are about to step into 1.6million and those of 2million into 2.6million.  The figure six (6) is going to be very significant in these next six months. We are in the season of abundance.  Many of people at midday or midnight shall be receiving important calls.  When God reveals a word, there is a power to back up that word.  So whatever it is you are believing for, starting this day, the figure six (6) I significant. Let it be done to you as per your faith; from this day!!

And the Lord says, I do not lie,  for the word I speak, I watch over it and it comes to pass. Don’t you understand my word, don’t you understand my mind?  That which was told and taught to you through the Bible, that the glory of the latter day church will be greater; you are in these very days where the glory of the latter day church is greater than the former. God says you are in a season of seeing divine manifestation in all areas of your life. For God says, even my Angel has been waiting from an action from you so that you can see what I have prepared for you through the angel that I assigned to you.  For thus says the Lord, for Abraham was wise, he talked to the three strangers that came to him, he knew that I the Lord was in the midst of the three strangers.  And he said I am preparing this for you. For God says when Abraham prepared the meal, I released revelation, I released divine mysteries. And the Lord says even for you I release the same revelation but I am waiting for you; overcome your fear, overcome your fear because it is time to walk into your destiny, says the Lord.


There is a going to be a season of frequent fires in certain colleges in USA but those people will be exposed.  These people have been hiding in the USA with bad intentions and they are targeting colleges. So there will be a season of fires here and there in the US.


The President of USA; I saw some changes in his administration, his cabinet.  At the moment he has all the people but I saw a change. I saw him even changing ambassadors to different countries.  And the Lord was saying that will be a sign of bringing the President to understanding because there are certain decisions that he has made and is still making; this will be an awakening to show that there are some decisions he was coming up with that are not of God especially on the Middle East.





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