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Week 20

Oh Uganda, you shall process your oil says the Spirit of the Lord.  God says I will show you blessing of oil in areas that you cannot think about says the Spirit.  And God says when you see this sign, you shall start to process your oil says the Spirit of the Lord.  I see a vision of a time when this nation shall be struck by scarcity of oil. There will be no clear reason for the scarcity but it shall be there. 

It shall be one of the worst periods of scarcity, I see cars lining up at stations, bundled up.  But God says it shall be a sign- Government will get to know places where there is oil other than Lake Albert in Hoima. This scarcity of oil will be very strong as I see in my vision.

  There will be a change in a certain political party.  You will see this in UPC (Uganda People’s Congress) says the Lord.  A lady, a grown up lady shall be taken away from the earth. And the Lord says there will be a time, when the leadership of this political party shall be from Buganda region.  But God says that this shall be a sign of changes that He is bringing about in that Political party.

There shall also be changes in DP (Democratic Party).  I see strife increasing within the party.  Many leaders in this party will be forced to resign before their time.  And God says, watch and see what I am doing. God says as these things happen, it will be a sign to show you that there are men and women in the different political parties who I have anointed to take this nation forward in the days to come says the Spirit.


God's Original Plan for Man - Part 5 - Sermon
Week 19

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