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God's Original Plan for Man - Part 5 - Sermon

As mentioned in the past few weeks, God’s original plan was to have a relationship with God. God did not start any religion, all religions were started by man.  No one should deceive you that religion was started by God.  That is why you shall see a Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox, Methodist being saved by the Lord and God uses them in a mighty way;  because when you accept Jesus as your personal Lord, you become a child of God. 

It is in the same way that we see and hear of many Pastors that were formerly Muslim that God is using in a powerful way. John1:17 say the law was given through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus. The more you are a child of God, the more you work in grace and receive the truth.  However, why was the law given? Romans 3:20 says that therefore by the deeds of the law, no flesh will be justified in His sight, for by the law is the knowledge of sin.


The law came so that man could know sin.  Before the law came, the Isrealites used to behave the way other nations were operating.  But because they are a special nation, God chose to give them the law so that they would not be like other nations.  Even parents at home today set rules today to keep discipline; to enable children to know the difference between right and wrong and be conscious of it.  So the law was made so that people could be sin conscious.  But we thank God for Jesus because He sets us free from being sin conscious.  If your mind is always conscious of sin, you end up sinning.  Whatever you have on your mind constantly manifests.  On Tuesday I was a little down on finances and my mind was thinking about my situation, wondering where the money would come from.  When I got home I had a chat with my wife about the mind. I told her that our situation of finance is because of my mind; the way I was thinking.  So the next morning before I prayed I told her that I am going to change my mindset, that even as I pray, I would pray with a renewed and positive mind.


After I prayed that morning at about 8am, I received a phone call from a gentleman that I had prayed for. He wanted to see me to bring me an invitation card to his wedding in appreciation for me standing with him and his fiancée in prayer.  When he came to the office, I thought he was just bringing me a card, but in the card was 800,000shs.  Sometimes we may pray and fast and nothing manifests until we change our way of thinking. In these next six months we need to see the abundance for us that is the will of God.  We need to start to see ourselves in the promotions we believe for; if you believe for a job, start to see yourself there; if it is an increase in salary start to see yourself with that money.  Pray while believing what you are praying for.  In the next six months something must happen.
Titus 3:4 tells us that the goodness of God brings salvation.  When you think of Christ you see him as a good Lord.  His kindness brings repentance. For those that have seen the Lord or had that experience, you know what that means. When you see Him, you cannot look into His face, you are immediately humbled.  Hebrews 12:1-2 teaches us to lay aside the weight of sin that easily ensnares us.  Do not spend your time thinking of the sin, focus on Jesus and see His glory.


Of course temptation will come, in thought and in mind, but when you come before Jesus, you shall see his glory.  In the book of Jeremiah, God spoke that the very things that you are afraid of will come to you.  If you say to yourself that I feel sick today, the sickness will come because you shall have created it.  If you see the day as a bad day, it shall be a bad day.  Every  morning let us rise and reject negative thoughts.  We need to focus our eyes on Christ. Why is this important?  The bible shows us in the book of Psalms 34:5 – they looked to him and they were radiant and they were not ashamed. When you focus on sin, you become ashamed and feel unworthy to be in the presence of the Lord. You will think that you need to be justified by works.  That is why when we prophecy to some people they end up judging us.  We may speak a word into a friend’s life whom they know so well and may not think that the friend worthy of the word.


However, if you understand the truth of the Lord and his salvation, you stop basing your salvation on works.  Jesus did not condemn anyone; even when they brought Him the woman caught in adultery, he did not judge her.  I have prophesied to people whom I know are leaving in funny life, but because I am mature now, I do not prophesy basing on my flesh but seek the true Spirit of God and speak the true mind of God.  When you become Christ conscious, you become like him. We are all tempted but sin has no power over you – Roman 6:14 – Why does sin have no power over you - because you are not under the law.  When you understand the grace of God, sin has no dominion over you.  Andrew Wommack, while teaching about thoughts, said that you cannot stop a bird from flying over your head but you can stop it from building a nest on it.  The negative thoughts will come but you have power to reject them.  If a thought comes saying that you are poor, you have the power to reject it and say that poverty is not your portion.  A thought that tells you that you shall not be promoted; you have the power to reject it.


Do not feel guilty of the thoughts that come, they shall keep coming but you have the power to reject them.  Even a thief has a choice to steal, because it all starts with a thought.  So sin has no power over you; no dominion over you because you are under the grace of God.  Being under the grace of God does not mean that temptation will not come, it will. But Jesus said that tribulations shall come but you shall overcome because I have overcome.  Everything starts in your thoughts, to be rich; you have to think like a rich man.  If you believe for a wedding, visualize it and it shall come to pass.  Start to see the children you want to have and you shall bear them.  We thank God for Jesus because he does not look only at the spiritual side.  As he looked at the 5000 and saw them hungry, He is also concerned about our material side and financial needs.  We therefore should not grumble because grumbling is a sin.  This is a revelation I received sometime back.   In 2009, I was in a situation and I started grumbling to the Lord.  I was angry asking him why me, why this situation?  I even told Him, ‘I am going to stop preaching Lord tonight I will not cover myself’.


A few minutes after saying it, as I was lying on my bed, I felt paralyzed and I started asking myself what had happened to me. I thought I was going to die. I
even thought demons had attacked me.  Then I heard a voice calling me, it called my name Alpha, three times.  I could not answer as in the paralysis; I could not even speak or move my lips. So I said ‘Lord, you are calling me but I cannot answer’, and He said ‘if you are willing in the inside of you, you shall be able to speak’. So I willed myself to speak and asked the Lord what was happening.  Then I saw an Angel in the corner of my room and he said to me ‘the Lord has sent me to take you with me’. I asked him ‘how is that going to happen?’  And he too said to me, ‘if you are willing, then you can make it happen from the inside of you’.  So again I willed myself from the inside and I left my body, seeing two Alphas. I left with the Angel. At that time I was staying in Kamwokya, so as we got outside, he asked me whether I recognized the places and I said replied telling him it was our trading centre. I saw our house and the people in it awake preparing to go to work.


He told me that if they enter your room they shall cry because I was dead then.  Then he took me to the top of Crested Towers and again he asked if I recognized the building and I affirmed it.  So we ascended until we reached the glorious place. Then the angel disappeared and I was left alone. Then out of nowhere I saw a throne and I could see the person seated on the throne but could only see him from the waist down. Even His feet were glorious that I could not look at him them. Then the Lord called me by name.  He asked me ‘why are you grumbling? You have seen what I have done for you, why do you doubt me?’  On trying to explain myself and my situation, He showed me things he had done for me in the past years and asked me why I was doubted him this time?  Then He said to me ‘when you go back tell your friends that grumbling is a sin.  I am going to give you all that I have promised you.  I do not want you back here when you are going to stay.  Go back because you have learnt.’  And then He was gone.


Then the angel of the Lord came back and he told me ‘you have heard and my work now is to take you back’.  He brought me back, via Crested Towers, Kamwokya, asking me if I had recognized the places until we got to the rooftop of our house.  While standing on it he told me ‘I have stopped your people from knocking on your door because they would have known you are dead and grieved.  So go back into your body.’  Again I asked how and he said when you are willing you shall be able.  I began to walk back to the body but was afraid to get back and then the Angel came and pushed me back and that is when I woke up.  I awoke looking for my bible, totally repentant.   Unbelief is a sin. Do not entertain fear and unbelief in your life.  Let us focus our minds on Christ and his glory and believe big and we shall achieve it.

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Week 20

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