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Judging Prophecy - Sermon

We give God the glory for the fulfillment of His word in these few weeks.  Some newspapers have been closed as spoken in October last year. There has been a change in the army commander and also a cabinet reshuffle.  And we also received a surprise visit from the President of Sri Lanka. You know we serve a God who knows ALL things and if He can fulfill things that are happening to nations, how much more can He fulfill your personal prophecies.

I am continually humbled by these testimonies and always ask God to increase the anointing.   You are in the right place, a place where you shall not just receive your personal prophecies but prophecies about the nation, Africa and the world.  We are beginning to prophesy headlines. Whenever my wife asks how all these come to me, I simply tell her that that it is my calling.  Whatever God tells me to speak, I speak.  So whatever I have spoken into your life, it shall come to pass.

 Last week I testified to you about a brother that blessed me with 800,000 shillings.  But as I was rejoicing about the money, the Spirit of the Lord showed me a picture of the pulpit. So the next day, I had to go and find someone that could make one so that I have it in the next fellowship.  You know it is good to obey the Lord; the Bible says that if you are willing and obedient then you shall enjoy the fruits of the land.  As if that was not enough the same brother whose wedding I attended on Saturday, the one that had blessed me with that money asked me if I’d be in office on Monday. I thought he had gone off to the honeymoon. When I told him Mondays are not an office day, he begged to see me before he heads off for his honeymoon. So I went in to meet him.  And then he told me, ‘On the wedding day, some people blessed us with money and I’d like to give you my tithe of 300,000 shillings because I do not want to be a thief in the house of the Lord’.  I asked myself where this brother received these revelations.


I pray that God opens all our eyes that we may be obedient to His Spirit and I assure you that when you listen and obey, you shall lack nothing. 1Corinthians 14: - Paul tells us to pursue love and more that we may prophesy because he who prophesies edifies the church.  Today we are going to prophesy as a team of prophets so that you may be edified as that is the purpose of the prophecy. When Saul went looking for his lost donkeys and went to meet the prophet, he gave him the word of knowledge on the donkeys, but the man of God told him the desire of the Lord for him was to be a king.  From this lesson we learn that a prophet can confirm certain things but he can also give you revelations of things that you do not know.  You should not say not to a word that you do not have the witness of; do not write it off because you do not feel it.  Your role is to write it down and wait for it because its time may not have come but will be in the future. The Lord has given the prophet a glimpse into your future.


Just write down any predictive prophecy and watch the space.  Be like Mary was when the Angel spoke to her – the Lord has spoken let it be. Do not be like Zachariah who did not believe and became dumb for nine months. So when a prophet gives you a word, he is speaking as the Lord leads him, something to build you, something about your future.  If he says a name and you do not know anyone by the name in your life, just wait on it. When two prophets are speaking into your life and each says something different, it does not mean that they have missed it or that they are wrong. It is simply that to each one has been revealed their own stuff.  Two prophets prophesied to a lady; one said that your first born shall be a girl, another said a boy and another twins. The lady got confused.  When she gave birth her first child was a girl. So she began to write off the other but a mature prophet counseled her and told her not to.  Her second born was a boy and the third was asset of twins.  The mature prophet told her that they were all accurate, they maybe just did not discern who’d come first.  Prophet Elvis prophesied about the radio closing and said there would be disorder; I prophesied about close of newspapers. Both happened meaning both prophecies were accurate.

When one prophet gives you a name of your husband, and another describe his looks, do not say the one that gave the description is more powerful.  Both are accurate.  We need to believe all and that is how to benefit from the prophetic. God believes in a team and not in personalities.  When Jesus came after John the Baptist, He believed in multitudes.  Even here in Eagles Wings we believe that God can use each one of you. In Acts 11:27 – 28 we see that there was a group of prophets and not just one Agabus.  In Acts 13, there were prophets and teachers.When we prophesy to you, we are not going to just tell you what happened in your life, because it shall not profit you; you already know it.  That would be more like just entertainment.  We speak into you future and edify you in the name of Jesus.


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