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Acting on the Prophetic Word - Sermon

Today is the last day of May and we shall never see a month of the kind again.  Some may have already written off the month yet something can still happen today! We are in the season of the 6 months and the significance of the figure 6.  I believe it too.  You can choose to believe any amount in the figure 6 – you alone can limit yourself.  I believe that I can receive 6 billion.In these 6 months, your 6 brothers or sisters can get saved. 

For those of you that have been with us for while you know that each time God gives us a word with a specific figure something always happens. So I decree that in these six months, somebody is going to testify!  You will receive money. Receive it in the name of Jesus.  If you believe that you are going to receive money, may the Lord surprise you; that when you go to your account you find money on your account.  These things still happen.

Our brother Steven has been teaching about finances; telling us to get the special seed, name it and see what God can do.  That car shall come and that house shall come.  We need to be sensitive to some messages we receive in dreams because may be leading us to do something. Isaiah tells us that if we are willing and obedient you will enjoy the fruits of the land.  The widow in Kings was left with the last piece of food and Elisha said let go of what you have, I am going to help you.

After eating, then he began to prophesy.  Sometimes God can lead you to do something that is painful but yet it is for your own good.  There times when believe is not enough but when He demands action.  When you are sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, you shall never remain the same.  So if you want something for instance if you have never wedded in your family, sow that special seed and the yolk will be broken.  You will not just receive that 6 million like that or that special phone call.  You need to take action.

John1:17 – the law was given through Moses and grace and truth came through Jesus.  We have been sharing on God’s original plan; it was to develop a relationship with man not religion right from the Garden of Eden.  It is mankind that came up with all these religions.  As long as you have Jesus Christ; He said I am the way the truth and life, no man comes to the Father except through Me; so if you have Him as your personal Lord and Savior, that is your ticket.  There is no special heaven for a particular religion.  When you die you shall prove it, that there is no special heaven.  Having the Lord as your Savior is the only way.

On Wednesday, we lost a relative, she had been sick.  While at the mortuary, as they were bringing out her body and her mother mourning, I saw her spirit but hid it from my relatives.  Her spirit even tried to tell me to talk to her mother. But I do not act on instructions from spirits of the deceased but only to that of the Holy Ghost.  The only ticket is Jesus and I was humbled that the Lord let me see the spirit of this person who had just died.

Grace and truth came through Jesus.  In Luke 19 we see that he came to save us, that is His purpose.  We thank God that whoever believes him as a personal savior that is the greatest gift because you have a personal relationship with God.  He calls you friend and child.

We also learnt the law was brought to teach us sin.  But when Jesus came he said I have not come to judge the world but that the world may be saved.  In Psalms 34:5, we see that they looked at him and they faces became radiant and not ashamed.  When you look at Jesus, you become radiant and you have grace to become His child. The bible says that those that accepted Him, he gave them the right and power to be called sons and daughters.

It took the power of God for us to become children of God.  That is why we can talk to Him at all times; you can pray in the Spirit and He hears you, you can prophesy at any time and receive a word. I can prophesy at any time because He lives in me.  Some people have asked me all sorts of questions about God’s plan for them even on when they are going to die.  However I know that most of us do not want to know when we shall die.  God once told me when I am going to die, though I still pray for him to extend my time on earth.

He also spoke to Benny Hinn about the number of years he would live, but warned him to check his eating habits lest he leaves before his appointed time.  You see in prophecy there is choice, God’s will may be for you to live 100 years, but with the choices you make, you die at 40.  God gives you a word about your wealth and he says but some sit at home or walk the streets doing nothing but waiting for the word, yet he says I shall bless the work of your hands.

So they looked at him and they were radiant.  I pray in the name of Jesus that you may shine and never be put to shame.  Isaiah 45:22 – God says look to me and be saved for I am God and there is no other.  When look unto God we receive salvation, no darkness, no condemnation.  So in everything that you have been going through, seeing darkness in your life, I pray to God that you may shine.  He is our Lord and he is shining his light on you and you accepted him in your life, so let it be done for you.


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