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Week 22

We should pray for our politicians because I am hearing the word murder, murder; it will be of a male politician. I hear cold blood murder.I also received a good vision about Kampala and what is going to come.  It is going to take off very fast.  I saw Mayors and Presidents from the first world countries coming to Uganda especially for this city, Kampala.  I see connections between Kampala and New York. I saw fly-over roads in this city.  The connections that are coming are going to fund the construction of such roads. 

I also saw a fly over running from Kampala to Entebbe directly.  I also saw a very tall building in this city of 60 floors.

The Prophecy that I gave on radio about floods in Argentina, the Lord has given me clarity.  The floods will be in the south and in the west.  But as spoken earlier, this is not a punishment upon the city but God is going to use these floods to awaken the church in that nation.


Week 23
Acting on the Prophetic Word - Sermon

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