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God's Original Plan for Man - Part 7 - Sermon

We thank God for all the testimonies because it is sign that God is moving in our lives.  This is June and between now and December, something must happen in each of our lives.  Thanks to all that are supporting the ministry and those that are sowing their seeds. I am praying for you.  Some are believing for cars and others just for money and you shall all receive it in Jesus name.


It is God’s will for us all to be billionaires; to do well. Someone told me of a prophet from Malawi that came to Uganda; he was very spot on and would give names and telephone numbers; he’d tell you anything you want to know. This friend of mine asked me how we can get to that level; he asked whether one had to go to Malawi to receive the impartation.


So I asked the Lord too as I was also inspired and the Lord said to me, "you do not have to go to Malawi; you can do all that if you believe!" So we are going to start to give you detailed prophecy. However, we shall not tell you your phone number just for your entertainment. There has to be a reason as to why the Lord gives us your number or full names. For instance I may say there is a Jane in this place, but because there are many Janes, the Lord shall give me the grace to know both names of Jane that He is referring to so that I can differentiate and speak specifically to her. We are going to continue to speak into your lives, and even things that you were not prepared for shall come into your life. All things are possible to all that believe!


We attended the anniversary of one of our Pastor’s (Pastor Kato) church and it was wonderful. It is important to build one another so that we avoid endless prayers. You could be the answer to someone’s prayer. Someone may be believing for 50,000 shillings and you are seated on it. It is important to be aware and obedient to the Spirit. Your neighbor at home could be praying for transport for the day and you have it; just tell them to stop the prayer and ask them how much they need. The Bible says we are the salt and the light of the world so let us help one another.


The way God leads us and we act, may seem crazy to people. But when the time comes for your harvest, those who call you crazy and mad will be ashamed. So do not fear to do that crazy thing for the Lord.   When I was at the anniversary of Pastor Kato’s church the Lord led me to do something about his car.  He told me that I was not just a prophet who speaks the word but does something about the it.  So through revelation knowledge God showed me how much to contribute to the car and I gave a pledge.  My wife who knew that I did not have the money thought I was crazy. But when I did that more people began to make pledges.  So when you see certain things happening in my life, know that is shall be because of the crazy things I do in the Lord. Until you move an extra mile, your life will remain the same.  Prophets are sent to deliver people, so when God sends them to you they come with deliverance in all aspects of your life.  2 Chronicles 20:20 he says believe in the prophets you shall prosper.  That is why when you receive a prophetic word it is good to act soon.  When you are told to sow a seed and you do not have the money, but act, that simple act of faith is what God shall use to bring you the money.  Go an extra mile.  Even when you grow wealthy, continue giving, continue doing good and your life shall not remain the same.


Acts 3:11-16 – when this man was healed, it was not he deserved it but because of the grace. That is what Jesus came to do; truth and grace came through Him.  Whatever you are about to see in your life is not based on strategy or works but because you have your faith in Him and His will is upon your life. So you can have all things; not because of your very religious father or because you had an uncle who was a reverend or priest but simply because of the grace.  We are what we are today because we have our faith in Jesus; he is the son of God and he rose from the dead and he has given us the power to be called the sons of God.  You are a child of God because you have put your faith in Jesus Christ.   You are a child of God because of the grace and faith in His work.


The Lord told me that ‘When I look at the church and tell them that they are my children they do not understand’.  He continued to say that ‘the things of this world teach us the things of the Kingdom.  For instance for you, you have a little boy, aren’t you always planning good things for him? When you go home you always want to take for him something, you want him to have a bright future and do not want anything to hurt him.  That is the same thing I have for the church.’  A child never bothers about where the meal is going to come from, when time comes for lunch he will be expectant.  Every good father wants their child to go to the best school.  If we on earth can do that, how much more will the heavenly father do for us?  He knows that you need that good job, he knows that you want to settle this year, he knows that you need the money. He knows your needs but where is your faith?  Your faith could be in your uncle, or father or job and that becomes your own limitation.


A good father also cannot allow a child to have something that will hurt them however much they know that the child loves it.  It is the same with our God, he may delay to bring something into your life because He knows that you are not ready for it and that is the truth. Some of you know that if you received 50 million in cash today, you’d turnaround.  So He may delay to respond out of love. It is very important to grow in faith; the word says that faith come in hearing and hearing by the word of God. When we grow God can entrust us with anything.  He can give you wealth and private jet and you still remain faithful to Him and serve him in power.  But if he sees that the Lexus is going to take you away, then he shall make it look like he is not replying; out of love.  So let us grow, grow in the grace of God, and grow in faith so that we can fully enjoy the blessings of the Lord. The Lord shall entrust us with plenty.  In these 6 months may the blessing of the Lord be upon you.  Even as they read the national budget and things are going up, you shall not surrender, give up or go back to the village but stand in Him.  Though we are in this world but we are not of this world.  Jeremiah 29:11 – God’s plan is to prosper us; no one should deceive you that your future is dark.  God plans are to give us a hope and a future.

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