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God's Original Plan for Man - Part 6 - Sermon

You are welcome to our ministry, a place where we believe that God is speaking 24/7, as long as you are available.  Recently a friend of mine was reading about a certain prophet and was asking me how he manages to prophesy to many people (he prophesied to over 115 people in a conference of 150 people.) I told him that he received that revelation and he believes that he can prophesy at will. 

We to believe that we can prophesy to you one by one.  I believe that when I lay my hand on you I receive a word for you.  Our father in heaven is always ready and willing to speak to you.  So always be expectant. Some of you, our visitors, are prophetic and you should not be surprised if I prophesy into your life. You could have been sent here so that you could be activated and then become a blessing to your family and people at your work place.  In this ministry, we believe that we can all prophesy. God said ‘go and make disciples’ not believers and that is what we do here in our ministry. For instance when Saul sent the messengers to capture David, because David was with the Samuel, the bible says the all the messengers of Saul began to prophesy.  There is no way you can go to a prophetic camp and you are prophetic and you remain the same, at least you begin to have dreams.

Those that have been with us, we have been sharing on God’s original plan, and we shared that it was not God that brought religion but man.  God’s original plan was a relationship; Jesus brought relationship not religion. John 1:17 says that the law was given through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus. Jesus brings truth and what he says is final.  That is why when they brought the woman who was in adultery, and referred to the law of Moses, saying according to the law she is supposed to be stoned, Jesus asked anyone who had never done it to throw the first stone; they all disappeared.  What Jesus said was final.  Jesus explained that Moses brought the law in darkness, because of the hardness of their hearts. He was bringing clarity. Today, if you have Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, thank God, because you can no longer be deceived.  No one can deceive you that the Jesus in your heart cannot speak; the One who rose from the dead and He is in my heart, how then can He be dumb?  How can you say that because we have the Bible, there is no need for prophecy? If He rose from the dead and He is in my heart, then He still speaks. It is only the dead who do not speak. But we thank God that Jesus rose from the dead and He still speaks.

The Bible shows us the ways of God, His promises and when we claim them they can manifest in our lives. I always tell people that your surname is not in the bible, neither is your home village.  That is why the Spirit of prophecy is very important.  It does not contradict the word of God but it will show you that the God who loves the world and gave His only son that he loves you and knows for you. That is why the prophet will tell you your name and where you come from and predict your future and the end of the day he’ll tell you that the testimony of Christ is the spirit of prophecy.   The Bible says that we are the heads and not tails and some may be claiming it all the time but the word does not manifest in their lives. But maybe the place where you are is not where you are meant to be a head; maybe you are meant to be a head in Johannesburg and it will take a prophet to tell you that!  There are people who quote Isaiah and say Uganda is the York. Nations like Egypt and Ethiopia are there clearly; Uganda is still trying to search for itself.  But the prophet will tell Uganda that the Lord knows her and loves her.  The prophet will come and give a word about the nation and when it comes to pass then the people shall know that the God of heaven knows this nation.   Nothing shall come to pass until He reveals it unto His prophets.  When a prophet comes into your life, all that was dead comes to life, just like Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones.  Just with a mere word of ‘thus says the Lord’ then things start moving.


The same gospel of John in chapter 3:18- God did not send his son into the world that it may be condemned but that world through him that might be saved. Romans 3:20 tells us no one is justified by the law. When you follow the law, you have the knowledge of sin and the law is connected to religion. What the law does is to show you sin; how you are about to sin and makes you become conscious of sin. When you become conscious of sin, you end up sinning.  But when your mind is on Jesus you have the righteousness received through him.  You overcome and sin has no power over you because you are Christ conscious. Some people are so conscious of demons that they even buy books on demons; for such people even a barking dog is a sign of something bad and as a man thinks so is he.  The Bible calls us to be Christ conscious – Isaiah 45: 22 says look unto me and you shall be saved, you ends of the earth, I am the Lord and there is no other.  Religion tells us to look at the law, the dos and don’ts.  Jesus came and said sin no more; He did not come with laws but came to redeem mankind so that we go back to the original plan.  That is why he said I no longer call you servants but friends.


I thank God that I am a friend of God.  And as a friend of God, all the plans that he has for you are good.  Jeremiah 29:11 shows us the plans are good, not to destroy you but build you.  Even the prophets who are here prophecy the mind of Christ, not words of doom; they are not Elijah.  We do not use the gift to condemn or push people away from the church like some people do. Even when Jesus saw the Samaritan woman he did not condemn her but used His gift to reveal her secrets and bring her to the Kingdom.  Jesus said come unto me all who are weary and you shall be saved. The church is meant to bring hope and not condemnation.   Some prophets do not even prophesy to people that are not Pentecostals; in other places when the prophet is coming, people have to close their eyes.  In our ministry we do not promote that; we are all the same but have different grace upon us.


Jesus came to save us – Luke 19:9 – He did not come to condemn.  Even prophets of Christ when prophesying should have the purpose to save someone.  When prophesying to a person with a life that is not on the right track or even when the Lord shows me an alcoholic, I do not rush to prophesy what I have seen; I wait and ask the Lord what the reason for showing me that is.  Jesus said no one can come to me unless He is sent to me by the father.  We do not chase people away.  We accept all and leave the rest to the Lord. No one has any right to condemn but the Spirit; no one has the right to uproot false prophets – leave it all to Jesus.  If you are prophetic, do your part because the more you speak about a false prophet, the more you create a desire in people’s hearts to go and prove it for themselves.  Just do your part as a prophet remembering that Jesus did not come to condemn. We here shall continue to prophesy; we shall prophesy until something happens.

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