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Pre-2013 Prophetic Messages

The word of the LORD comes to me this day of 13th August 2011 concerning the nations of the World:Russia “The person in the top position will have to go through a shakeup. Certain things will be exposed and there will be a time of debate concerning this person even on CNN”. After his departure from office, there will be another controversial President.”“Russia will also be hit by terrible floods that will leave many homeless and some will die especially in the south.”

“I see an attempt to disorganize the Country by a rebellious group; they will attempt to cut off themselves from their Country.” “Towards the end of 2012, there will be a move that will be taken the Government; it will be a security move.”



“A season is coming when this Nation shall be the attention of the world economically by the year of 2014.”

“A time of tension is seen concerning the highest office of the President. They will openly disagree.”

“A woman shall rise up to openly oppose the Government and she will have a big support.”

“This Nation will experience a violent earthquake in the south. 



“I see dangerous floods in Paris, houses will be wiped away.”

“Celebrities in music, movies (film industry) shall get involved in the politics of France.”

“A plane shall crash on France’s Land and kill many people.”

 “There will be wonders in the sky in the Nation of France that will bring about panic and fear.”



 “There will be exposure of a dangerous group on the West coast.”

“A time of crisis is seen concerning electric power. Some cities shall be darkened because of electricity failures.” (Sandy hits US east coast causing flooding and power cuts )

“America will soon lose one of the famous female music artists; she will soon die.” (fulfilled - Whitney’s death)

“The Republican party will in the future have a woman flag bearer who will contest for Presidency.”

“Also there will be wild fires in the forests that will cross over to another neighboring Nation.”

“I see a train catching fire and many people dying in it.”



“There will be major challenges in the politics of this Country. This will come after the death of the Country’s wise man who guides it. After this incident, Israel will successfully defeat her enemy who has been plating evil against her.”

“This Nation will discover God’s given riches in her Land. There will be more discoveries of minerals in the year of 2013 and in the year 2016; the world will wonder about Israel’s prosperity.”


Prophecies for 2012 – received December 31st, 2011

• This year of 2012, the Lord said that it is time for the church to stop being mere spectators but open up for the new wine.  The Lord said that the church is about to see miracles that it has never seen before.

• Then the word to Uganda was, the fight against corruption will continue this year and many will get out of the picture. Even in the parliament some members will lose their seats and I see new faces in the parliament especially the youths.

• There will be a division in all the main political parties. Some groups will break out from these parties especially UPC, DP, FDC and NRM.

• I see Kampala City being hit by severe water shortage.

• I also see a prominent politician lady dying. ( Fulfilled - Death of MP. Nebanda )

• I also see the dollar, the pound sterling falling but the Euro gaining more strength.

• Still in this year the world will start losing their celebrities especially football stars. They will start to die. Watch out for the European Clubs.

• I saw a new gospel female musician rising to prominence; she will be younger than Judith Babirye.

• Then concerning the Middle East, I see this year bringing up the spirit of war that will possess leaders.  The leader of Iran will go through a shake up and also an attempt to start a war with Israel will be evident. Israel however, will defeat Iran.

• A new generation is appearing on the African continent symbolized by the death of two great leaders in Africa. South African hero Mandela will soon die and South Africa will see another President after Zuma who will be youthful. Also, a Kenyan hero leader will also soon die.


20th May 2012

On this day of 20-05-2012, the Angel of the LORD appeared to me and spoke to me saying" I stand in the presence of the Lord Almighty and I have been sent to you to speak to you in the name of the LORD. The Angel said to me, your nation (Uganda) is in a time of transition; and voices of men will continue to speak.


1. In the time to come, something to do with the members of the ruling party shall rise up openly and declare their interest in the office of the president. This will bring about a split of the party.

2. The parliament shall be dominated by independent members who will have no attachment to any of these parties.

3. A political party comprising of the youth shall rise up and they will come from NRM and FDC. They shall join together to form ONE party.

4. A new beginning shall start in 2016 in the politic arena of this country.

5. The curriculum will change and Tertiary institutions shall be on market.

6. A university of science and Technology shall be established in the north which shall be on top of other science universities.

7. The ministry of Education will see a fundamental change with the coming in of a man from the North to take up that position.

8. The Judiciary system shall also see major changes with the coming in of a woman as the chief Judge.

9. There will be some mineral discoveries around mountain Elgon.



10. After Kibaki is gone, a new leader will rise up who will be a role model to the youth. The youth will look up to this president as their inspiration and there will be changes in the Laws that govern this country.

11. The parliament of Kenya will in the days to come be dominated by women and this nation will be rated as one of the countries with the highest number of women parliamentarians.

12. A great politician will rise up from Mombasa who will be a great reformist in the politics of Kenya.



The Khartoum government of Bashir shall certainly fall. The LORD is resisting this leader and the next president will be friendly to the South. There will be major shifts in the politics of this country in the year 2017.



14. Christianity will be spread freely in Egypt and Christians shall take up top Government positions. Many big churches shall come up in the North of this Nation and a Christian man shall be close to the president.



15. The Nation of Germany shall dominate other countries. It shall rise up as the wise Nation in order to control the other Nations. There will be strife between Germany and Italy. Germany will be economically powerful to control the continent and many European Nations will flock to Germany for solutions.



16. It will rise up to be economically powerful on the South American continent by the year 2017 and the days will come when Brazil will have frequent women presidents. Brazil will also suffer many disasters which will involve deadly floods in the south west; many properties and people will be destroyed.


17. It will advance greatly as the dragon economically and many Nations will be under her feet. Russia will be an ally of China. This country will also suffer strife from within. This will bring about tendencies of splitting this country.


18. There will be attacks of strange diseases on this continent but also there will be major discoveries of medicine to cure some of the most deadly diseases in the world. The northern countries of Africa will become economically powerful and in those days young men shall be presidents of these Northern countries. Christianity shall be embraced greatly in these Northern Nations by the year 2016.


End Time Wars

• The following Nations shall be significant in the birthing of End time wars. These countries will include Syria, Russia and China.

• In the name of defense and support of a certain Nation on the issues of land boundaries, Russia will show its interest to support that country but the motive will be bad since Russia's motive will be to start a war with another Nation.

• Iran will continue to threaten Israel but there is another Nation behind Iran which is the real enemy of Israel. Israel will strike these countries and many will think that the other country is innocent.

• The USA through Japan and South Korea will continue to monitor and be a watch dog over the Asian continent.

• There will be threats, attacks and insecurity of leaders from within USA and Britain. In USA there will threats about the president and in Britain, the attacks shall be on the throne of the royals.

• In Mexico there will be an exposure of snipers and they will be caught after killing many.


Recorded 2011 Prophetic Fulfillment's

• A prophecy about the death of a prominent Pentecostal leader was received on 15-June -2011 and put on the website. This prophecy was fulfilled on 27-oct-2011 by the death of Bishop John Micheal Mugerwa of Katwe Saints Gate Church in a car accident.

• A prophecy about the leader of Russia going through a shake up and CNN debating about it came to pass in December 2011 after the parliamentary elections, the Russian people rioted.

• During the riots in Lybia, the prophet shared his revelation that by December, this Nation will begin a new day. The revelation was given on 15-June-2011.Many people thought it was impossible but by December Gadhaffi was no more and a prime minister had been put in place.

• on the 30th of July 2011, Prophet Alpha predicted  a plane crash in Nigeria that would claim many lives.  On Sunday 3rd June 2012 a Dana Air flight from the Nigerian capital of Abuja to Lagos, crashed at 3:43 p.m. (Nigerian Local Time) in the neighborhood of Iju Ishaga, just north of the airport.

• A prophecy concerning the discovery of mineral resources in the North of Kenya as posted on the prophet's website last year was fulfilled. On 26-03-2012 television channels broadcast news of oil discoveries in the North West part of Kenya around Lake Turkana.

• In February 2012, the world woke up to shocking news of the death of Whitney Houston, one of Americas most celebrated musicians as prophesied in 2011 by God’s prophet.

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