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Week 9

(To those attending the fellowship) “Money is released into people’s lives. Everything standing in the way is destroyed; I refuse negative reports.”God says there will be divine connections starting 13th March, people will bring you money. Some of you will receive calls from people saying “I have this money, what can you do with it?” Divine connections are coming starting 13th March. I see people buying houses, they shall come here with photos, asking the men of God to go and visit them.

 A prominent lady politician will suffer a serious health condition that will cause her to seek treatment abroad.A significant figure will surprise the public when he threatens to resign. While He’ll think he is threatening the public, this event will  prophetically lead to his downfall.The wife of a certain celebrity musician will lose her life. This is not the will of God our Father but she will know the reason for her demise.Another vision I receive is of some of you here (the fellowship), you are going to receive cars that you have not paid for. I see you just receiving car keys. I see many of you testifying.

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