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Week 25

These are the national changes that are going to happen, I do not know why the Lord is showing me things in the economy I saw Stanbic bank getting certain challenges and somehow the name changed. Stanbic ceased to exist.  It will be a shock to be people when it happens but it will be for good.Bank of Uganda: I saw a time and season; it will be a sign or symbol of our economy getting better.  There will be a governor, I do not know when his governor will come but he shall be from the north.  When he comes, during that time, you will see how this economy will perform.

This is also a surprise but it is from the Lord.  In Masaka (those from there know that there is nothing ‘big’ there) there will be mineral discovery and it will take this nation by storm.  It will be a surprise but God will bring this revelation of minerals in Masaka.  The Lord is showing us the things that He has blessed us with as a nation.

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