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The Power of Being a Child of God - Part 2 - Sermon

We once again welcome our guests and we bless the Lord for all the testimonies that are coming in. We shall continue to prophesy big things in your life and the glory is unto the Lord. Last Friday we shared about the authority God shared with man. We read Psalm 115:16 and saw that God gave the earth to man and the heavens belong to Him. So everything in the earth is yours and you have power over everything here on earth;

including the devil. In fact the devil is under your feet, stop magnifying him and giving praise to him, telling people how powerful he is. You know there are Christians that preach about the devil but we are supposed to celebrate Jesus Christ, what He has done for us and believe in Him. On Wednesday, a lady, a minister in radio ministry, came looking for me. I do not know how she had heard of me but she asked me to join her in her ministry to talk about dreams and prophecy.

This is very powerful; you see God can send you people telling them that you are an authority in a certain area. In a few days, may someone look for you as well as opposed to you looking for connections in high places! Instead of praying to God to get you connections, pray for someone to get connected to you; someone to call you and give you a job without you asking; someone to call you to go and minister in their ministries. Why should we fight battles, the battle is the Lord’s!
So God delegated the power to us. Whatever is a mess in your life is dependent on you. You have the power to bring change in the environment. Whatever you want, you speak the word. Reject those things that you do not want; reject debts, reject diseases, reject infirmities. You have the power to create your own world. Since you have power over your environment, begin to use your authority and speak what you want to see and stop just thinking about it. Refuse anything that does not please you. The Bible says my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Some people think that everything that happens to them is from God. When you read Jeremiah 29:11, you know the plans the Lord has for you. When you connect this to John 10:10, you learn that it’s the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. So everything that is negative is not from God.


So whenever it comes, reject it in the name of Jesus. You can call forth the right spouse, the right clients. It is time you use the authority and put an end to broken hearts or business partners that rob you. Choose to put an end to a job that does not pay you. Change it in the name of Jesus and the time to do all that is now! Power comes with authority; you cannot separate the two. Take an example of the authority the government has given to traffic officers. No matter his size or height, when he raises his hand, the driver of the vehicle has to stop. Some of us have the authority but we do not know how to operate in it. All we do is to ask God for more of the power. You need to ask yourself what you have done with the authority you have. It is time to utilize the power, be active and the Lord will add you more. Jesus after performing miracles would always leave His disciples and go to the mountain to pray alone and the Bible tells us he’d come from there with more power. He had already released the power and God would add Him more.


You want God to add you more power but have not used what you have. Some of you want more money but your mindset has not changed. You still worry over daily bread when you are believing to be a billionaire. God cannot give you a billion when you are worried about ten thousand shillings! Your mind should be in line with what you believe. The transformation of the mind is a journey can only be done with the word (Romans 12). A man who came from a background that did not believe in miracles was healed. His former church did not believe in miracles. He was in a wheel chair and he was healed out of it. One day his former pastor came to visit him and asked him what happened. When he explained the healing, that senior pastor began to preach to him against the healing and told him it was all a lie. The man today is back in his wheelchair, simply because of the mind!! God is not the liar, but we need to correspond with Him. John 1 says we were given the power to become sons of God and power comes with authority. So that is why as a child of God, whatever is not pleasing, you have the power to speak it out of your life. Kenneth Copland, when asked what to do when you speak and nothing happens, said you need to keep speaking until something happens. So do not stop speaking until you see what you want. Do not settle for less. Speak until you become the millionaire, until you drive that dream car.


In Matthew 21:23-25 Jesus was asked by what authority He does those things, and He too asked them by what authority John baptized people. Jesus knew the authority that He had received from the father. That is why He forgave and healed people; something that the Pharisees thought was blasphemy. My Spiritual father who is now about 94 years old, knew the authority he had in Jesus. When healing, he’d not call on Jesus but would simply say “be healed”. Once a lady went to him asking for healing for her daughter but he told her “I am too tired to come to your home now”. But then he said, ‘take this handkerchief when you get home, lay it on her and tell your daughter “the pastor has said be healed”’. When she got home, she found the daughter dead, but in her tears she laid the handkerchief on her, saying what she had been told to say and when the handkerchief came into contact with the dead girl, she came back to life! God said in my name you shall cast out devils, He did not say you shall call me and I come to help you. John the Baptist was followed everywhere even in the desert. When you have an authority, they will look for you.

You are the light of the world so may you shine in all areas of your life. In your family may you shine as well as in your business. I do not care how many people are doing the same business you are doing – you shine. If it is a spiritual gift, shine in it. Let it be your trademark. If you are prophesying shine in it, if you are in healing may you be known for it and not be in between. Let no man divert you. To be a child of God you need to act like God Himself. God said let’s make man out of our own image and likeness. We are made in His likeness so even our actions should be like His. But we are weak in some areas and yet our God is not weak. God is not afraid of demons; why then should we be afraid of them? When Jesus was here on earth He asked us not to be worried about tomorrow; tomorrow has its own problems. So we need to act like God not just in words but also in actions. The will of God here on earth is fulfilled through you; in your home, your workplace or your village. You should not close your business or resign from work. You are the light. In Job 1:6, Job2:1, the sons of God appeared before God and satan was among them. If you are a child of God you act like him in power, in faith, in control. You are an ambassador of heaven and heaven has everything; God is counting on you. It is time that the will of God is fulfilled on earth through you. Let your light shine and not die out. Do not give up just like that; no matter what comes your way, no matter the challenges, you are victorious as a child of God.

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