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Week 10

In a few days to come, a few months, the Ministry of Public Service shall have a new Minister. As prophesied before, there is a lady, a cabinet minister on the cabinet of Uganda who is going to resign from her position. It shall be shock to the nation. They will start investigating the reasons for her resignation. But she knows what she is doing and has done is bad and her conscious is not at peace with her.

It will be for the good of the nation and it shall happen very soon, in a few days from now.After the Presidential Elections and announcement of results in Kenya, there shall be a health complication to do with one of the Candidates. People will come up with some allegations about that person because the condition will be very terrible to heal and they might end up losing him as a nation. It the will of God. We pray for Kenya.

The Lord says, “there has been a question across the globe especially Africa; people are asking ‘what is happening to our leaders, why are they suddenly dying yet they have all the wealth?’” Father God says, “I spoke and made my will known to them and they decided to be disobedient and for sure their wealth and positions of power cannot deliver them,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “And I continue to say unto you that you shall continue to see, across the continent of Africa, many leaders falling; they shall fall down,” says the Spirit “and for sure there shall be a new breed rising up.” Father God says “watch and see in the north of Africa, Presidents shall rise up in the north of Africa and they shall be youthful,” says the Spirit of the Living God.

God says “do not be afraid and do not think that I have forsaken Africa, I am trying to restructure Africa”, says the Spirit “and I will raise up leaders, Presidents that fear my name.” For God says, “you have rarely heard of true born again Presidents in Africa but days are coming even on your continent of Africa, that I shall raise up Presidents who fear my name” says the Spirit. “They shall no longer be involved in another kingdom but my Kingdom” says the Spirit of God. God says “they shall be righteous presidents and righteous leaders” says the Spirit. “For you see what I am doing in East Africa, I will raise up presidents who have reverence for my name,” says the Spirit. “Even watch what I do in South Africa. You have been familiar with old age, 50 years and above, but you shall see leaders rising up between the ages of 35 years to 48 years,” says the Spirit. “For there will be a new breed that you shall see with your very own eyes,” says the Spirit.

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