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The Secret in Knowing God - Sermon

Pastor Godfrey Kasaija: First I’d like to thank God for the opportunity given to me to come and bless you. I thank the Prophet Alpha for finding me worthy to come and speak a word to you. He is one of the people in my life that have added value to my life. I thank God for that. I minister with Impact Christian Centre. I am going to share with you words of God that I trust as I have spent 30 years preaching the gospel.


I am always sure of what I say and I know that you shall not remain the same again.I’d like to talk to you about knowing God. Nothing can make you powerful, victorious or successful like knowing God. You may be very prayerful or fast a lot but when you do not know God, Satan can still bother you.

Nothing is going to change you like your knowledge of God. Knowing God is very important because even our Lord Jesus in John 17:3 said “and this is eternal life that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” Eternal life, supernatural life, life above sickness and death, above problems, is in knowing God and the Christ He sent. Eternal life is not anywhere else, life of victory and abundance is not anywhere else; it is in one thing, knowing God. There may be people you admire and you wonder how they pray and how God uses them; their secret too is in knowing God.If you look at Paul, in Philippians 3:10 he prayed like this “that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being comforted to His death”. This is a man that visited heaven, that healed the sick and raised the dead but the one thing that he was yearning for most was to know God.

Because he knew that in knowing God, all other things will work themselves out. Every good thing comes out of knowing God. If you do not know God, you shall be weak, you shall be a Christian without a strong back bone.These days many Christians have put so much time and money into knowing the devil in the name of Spiritual mapping. But life does not come from knowing the devil. You may know about the devil and how demons work but it cannot give you victory. In the days of David, the Israel army spent a lot of time planning how to defeat Goliath. They did research, I guess almost every day; about his height, his fighting skills and techniques. The more they discovered, the more they hid because their victory was not going to come from knowing all about Goliath but from knowing GOD. That is why a young man, that knew God, came and defeated him with a stone, something the professionals had failed to do with their armor.

You may be here today when what is disturbing you is not the devil but lack of knowledge. I need you to understand that there is no life in knowing the devil. The devil was conquered 2000 years ago. The Bible says the devil is a liar, there is no truth in him, and there is no life in him. Life is in God. When I talk about knowing God, I am not talking about knowing the book. God is not a Bible. The Bible is just a book of facts about God. You may know the Bible but that does not mean you know God. When I talk about knowing God, I do not mean knowing about Him. There are two different things; knowing God and knowing about God. What can help you is knowing God not knowing about Him. You may have facts about Him but the question is do you know Him. Many Christians know about God but do not know him. They may be like the Pharisees; these knew about God and could explain all about Him and His character, but they did not know Him personally. In John 5:37-39, that is why Jesus told them that the word of God is not in you because you have never seen him or heard him. What Jesus was telling them is that they had no personal experience of God.

They just had facts about Him. You may have geographical facts about America but it does not mean you know America. Many talk about Obama and know all the facts about him but they do not know him. Many have read about Jesus, studied Him and have degrees in Him but the important thing is in knowing Him. The Bible says that those that know the Lord shall be bold and do great exploits. It did not say those who know the devil or those who know the book. Most people’s greatest problem is the religion in their heads; it comes from what they read and what they were taught or given. Jesus had no problems with demons; most of the problems he found were with the religious people. Religious people were big headed. That is what one becomes when you read a lot. God, however, is not just studied. You cannot know God through the theology class or through experiments.

God is just revealed. Today I want you to know God. Some people boast in their PhDs in Divinity but if God came here today in jeans and a cowboy hat, they wouldn’t recognize Him. I do not know what it is you are yearning for, but you should yearn to KNOW GOD. God is not a thing to be studied or learnt, God is a person. And as mentioned earlier that the Bible says those that know Him shall do great exploits. This mean that your anointing, your level of success, your victory, whatever you can get in life is dependent on knowing God. You shall never exceed what you know. The problem of today’s church is that is does not know God.Matthew 16, Jesus asked the disciples what people called Him. When Peter replied that you are Christ, Jesus said this has not been revealed to you by flesh and blood but by my Father who is in Heaven. And he added that on this rock shall he build his church. That is the strong church, one that is build on the foundation of knowing God and under the revelation of Him and the gates of hell do not prevail against it! What is disturbing today’s church is not knowing God. You may be worshipping Him and praying to him yet you do not know Him.

Paul in Timothy says – I know in whom my strength is. So no matter what came his way, no matter the situation or what demons attacked, he had no fear because he knew the God in whom he trusts. How much do you know God? Some of you are manipulated in the name of the God you love simply because you do not know Him! When we live in ignorance, the devil mocks us a lot. But there is nothing greater than knowing God. That is why Jesus said, you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Truth is not a set of facts but a person. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”. This is what you should look for; to know Jesus, the truth. Do you have the knowledge like Mesach, Abednago and Shadrack? They went into the fire boldly because they knew their God. Some of us change our statements on God when situations get tough. Peter says in 2Peter1:3 “as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him, who has called us by glory and virtue”.


He says that we were given all things pertaining to life and spiritual life through the knowledge of Him. The power they had, the anointing upon them, the miracles that they performed they got through the knowledge of him. There are many things you are going to miss out on because you do not know God. God is like an ocean, some go there with a cup, some with drums, others with tones and say this is the ocean. Each one gets according to the knowledge one has of him. Knowing him is progressive, it grows every day. Each time you learn something new about him. Some may know Him through faith, another through anointing, then there is another aspect greater than anointing called glory. The more you know Him, the more your life gets better and the more the demons get to know you, not you knowing them. You see, Jesus used to move and the demons knew him and would run. Demons cannot know you before you know God. The more you know God, the more hell knows you and demons begin warning each other about you. The power the devil has is in your ignorance. The Bible says that he was stripped of all his power, so he no longer has power or weapons to destroy you.

Jesus was on the stormy sea, sleeping because He knew His God. Sometimes you are being fired and crying out – God may be getting you to a better place -but you cry because you do not know Him. How then shall you know God? No one is going to train you on Him. He is not studied or learned. God is just revealed. Who brings this revelation? He who brings the revelation is called the Holy Spirit. To know God, you need to attach yourself to the Holy Spirit. You cannot know Him until the Spirit reveals him to you. The Holy Spirit is the one that has seen Him and knows him. That is why Jesus said that the One who shall come, shall guide you to the truth and will declare to you things to come. The Holy Spirit is the one that can reveal to you Jesus Christ. Take an example of John the Baptist; he was born of Elizabeth, Mary’s sister. Mary gave birth to Jesus. This means they grew up together. But when he started preaching, he was asked are you the one, and he said he was just a voice. However, he added that “the person who sent me said that the one on whom you shall see the Spirit descending shall be the one”. John and Jesus grew up together but he too did not know that He was the one until the Spirit came upon him. What brought the Holy Spirit was to reveal Jesus to man.

We therefore cannot know Jesus in His fullness and goodness until the Spirit reveals Him to us. Be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Paul shows us in 1 Corinthians 2:9-11 that it is the Spirit of God that searches all things and knows all things and that we were given the Spirit of God so that we can know the things of the world. So knowing God is through the Holy Spirit. To know God, enter the school of the Spirit. The good thing with this school is that it is portable and mobile, it is universal, you do not need to pay. The bursar is Jesus. You just believe and you are in the school. The director is the Father and the lecturer is the Holy Spirit. Every morning, I enter this school. I raise my hands and say to the Spirit I welcome you, teach me, reveal to me, show me the things I do not know, guide me. Some believe I am different or that I have been to a theology class but all I do is get on my knees and let the Spirit to teach me. To know God, you need to fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

God bless you!


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