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Week 14

In a dream, i went to Dokolo and i saw the female MP Dead. The cause of her death was a mystery as if someone intended to end her life.I also saw the speaker of parliament with an illness that weakened her legs in this dream. I believe this isn't the will of GOD and i would really like to meet and pray with them.A group shall be held and exposed in this city, they shall be exposed even in kabalagala, they shall be exposed even in makindye,they shall be exposed even in ntinda, for GOD says, i will uncover that which has been hidden. Those that have been plotting to do harm to you, says the spirit.

There is a change coming in the ministry of education. There will be a new minister taking over the ministry of education.

I see a fire at a newspaper printing press. It burns! It is a fire ignited by an arsonist. This is an attack on the media that i have prophesied about before. It is becoming very intensive. You will see it very soon.

Church in Uganda

The lord says, enough of the religion ! There is a visitation of spirit of GOD in body of Christ in Uganda. You are about to see and hear of miracles in many church gatherings than ever before. God shows me a visitation that will birth miracles. GOD says he used that which you call counterfeit to challenge the body of Christ to test whether they serve the true Living GOD. God says there are those who have socked themselves in my presence and decided to seek my face. You are about to see unusual miracles, promises the spirit of GOD. Raising of the dead is about to become ordinary here in Uganda as a sign of a supernatural visitation. This begins in 2014. Embrace the supernatural!

Its not yet over. I see another plot intended to bring an end to a certain president. Some soldiers planning to attack the President of DRC Congo. This shall be a threat on his life. It will be by the mercies of GOD that he is spared. He has undergone ( similar )challenges in the past, but there is a another coming. Keep praying for our neighboring countries and leaders as the lord isn't interested in any war.

There will be a change in the political environment of Argentina. The lord says there is a rise of youth in the nation of Argentina, and the lord says there will be a flood as a sign as of the cleansing of the political arena in this nation. It will also be a sign of something rising anew in this nation.

And Iran shall raise (her) voice again. Iran has been quiet but shall try to incite a quarrel with Israel, for GOD says that which iran is leaning against shall be uprooted. In this hour you shall hear the voice of iran rise up again. It shall show its arrogance again as a way of inciting war with Israel. But the lord says, even the hour of the downfall of the king of iran (is at hand). Because of the pride of that man, he shall be humbled. The lord says, you hear about Russia, but Iran will rise up again. The lord says, in preparation, shall israel just fold their hands ? The lord says there will be war. You shall see in the news, Israeli jet fighters flying over the middle east. The time when i will pour out my wrath against the enemies of israel is now, says the spirit of the Lord.

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