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Week 24

Sometime this past week, the Spirit revealed the following to me as i wrote. The devil is planning to snatch the lives of certain personalities in this country within the next 17 months. The head of the ministry of health, a former minister of education and sports, an old man in the catholic church, I also saw a clergy being murdered.Please continue to lift these personalities in prayer as this isn't the will of GOD.

The following were also revealed;

  • The head of a certain bank shall soon step down.
  • The time for a female president is still in the distant future, but there is room for another female vice president.
  • In a neighbouring country, there will be a coup. This isn't South Sudan or Kenya or Tanzania.
  • A female person whom they suspect to be interested in the presidency will surprisingly pull out of politics.
  • The ministry of finance will see a new minister.

Other Nations

A saw a major earth quake hitting an industrial city in Japan and a plane written on "Air France" crashing.

This isn't the will of GOD, continue to pray against these events.

Week 25
Week 21

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