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Week 34

Last Saturday at night i received a prophetic dream in which i saw a plane that had taken off from an airport. Before reaching its destination, it made an emergency landing at a nearby airport because some terrorists had hijacked the plane. In my dream, i asked where this plane was from. This plane looked like it was an East African plane. There was fear.Then i saw fear in Kampala, the fear of terrorists.

People on the streets of Kampala moving in fear because it had been proven that terrorists were somewhere in the city.Then i saw, that they had targeted to kill some people at a certain football stadium in this country. Pray , because i perceive that this dream could have something to do with a plane at our airport. Pray for Uganda and East Africa.

There is a shaking that will continue to affect banks in Uganda. Some hidden things will be exposed in the banking system. Financial misappropriation. I see Stanbic Bank and there is an exposure at the top management about funny things going on. The lords says, its not only this bank but all the financial institutions even from the Bank of Uganda shall be shaken and everything not right in the financial system removed. I am not threatening the banking system but i speak as it is revealed to me.

There is a prophecy that came forth at the beginning of this year about strange diseases affecting some politicians. It is about to happen. Keep praying for our leaders. There is a male personality in-line with the first family. Pray for your leaders as it is the written word of God.

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