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Week 37

In the spirit i see some politics happening concerning the top position at URA. That's why it has been delayed and do not be surprised when the person who is given that position, fails to last long in that office before another major change again comes. There is funny funny politics being played. But God has not left you people(URA Staff), God wants to give you someone who is God fearing.

Though there is a battle between the pit of darkness but light will prevail so God's will shall prevail.It shall prevail times 4 in the name of Jesus Christ. There are some changes that are coming in this city council thing. You call it KCCA, some changes are coming, i see some faces being removed but this is for good. Amen. You know Lukwago has gone though whatever he has gone through but maybe there are some faces that are going to be shaken yet they are in that city council thing. So its not all about Lukwago, there will be that general shaking that comes but its good. Its for our good, its not satanic, its for the will of God to be done. That is what i can see about that. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  There are some people, let me tell you they have given almost every so called celebrity, every so called celebrity, they give themselves funny funny names some of them now mark my word i am giving this prophetically now. Their names are going to turn against them so whatever name they have given and their interpretation is, it is going to turn against them, that is what i am seeing. And this is a sign, i see a male prominent musician dying but in mysterious ways. I see them trying to investigate, stories of them trying to investigate. Now why is this going to happen, some of these so called celebrities they have blasphemed the name of the Lord . There are things they do in secret and they are blaspheming the name of the Lord and God will not entertain some of this nonsense.

Hallelujah, there are even those who have been hiding in the gospel yet they are not really believers, they are going to be exposed because God is changing things because there has to be seriousness when it comes to things concerning the gospel not just to sing for entertainment. Hallelujah..hallelujah in the name of Jesus. and may the will of God be done for me that's my prayer may the will of God be done.

Father we pray that your will be done in this nation. And we continue to speak the blood of Jesus upon this nation, Pray for this nation , keep praying for the nation. Its not the American embassy that has just warned us about terrorists i think now its always in the news eh blah blah but for me God had warned me about this thing so keep praying for the nation keep speaking the blood of Jesus upon this nation cancelling every negative plan of the enemy against the nation and for us to enjoy the peace that comes from the Lord hallelujah.


I prophesied about a certain apostolic leader though its coming back to me now. Now but this time i am seeing two, one could be the will of God but the other could be the devil Amen. But the top 5 influential count now there is a way the devil wants to attack, i am not going to give names, in other words pray for your leaders as they pray for you pray for them.

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