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Week 44

Israel will soon find out the lies of the Palestinians and will resumes it's attacks on Palestine.There will be a quick change of leadership in Tunisia.I see a youthful man coming to be president of that country and he will be liberal who will open up more to the gospel in that country.Also in Algeria,a youthful president shall arise. In Europe,a certain female leader will fall sick.We pray for her life.

Some terrorists will attack Egypt in the city of Cairo.A tall building will be bombed and it will fall.People will die.

In Spain,there will also be terrorist attack in Madrid and also there will be a big riot.

I saw some terrorists exposed in Kisumu after some bomb blasts in Kisumu.Again concerning Kenya,I saw leaders attacked by illness and they included Odinga and the leader him self.Then i saw a quick death coming to a former president of Kenya called Moi.


Week 46 - Prophets in Action Conference
Week 40

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