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Week 46 - Prophets in Action Conference

New things are happening in your nation says the lord, for God says my words are coming true in your politics. God says, the restructuring is still on, says the Spirit. You will see more. I see a certain shaking,i see certain people loosing their position and their sit is becoming hot. They cannot stay there for a long time. There is pressure coming around a political leader in a blue party.

I see youth in that party trying to riot. I am seeing blue color and they are making the seat of that leader very hot. Pressure, pressure, God says, its not about the blue color party only but all these political parties in your nation.There is a process , a journey they are all going through.

God says, after this shaking, i will raise up men and women and there will be a new breed of leaders you will see in your nation says the Spirit of the Living God.For the Lord says, there are many, who have not been sincere to this nation. God says they shall be exposed. They will no-longer have peace in these specific seats.God says i will bring in new people to take up leadership of certain parties. God says, that's the new breed. The lord says, i told you and have been saying it, that its not by might but by my spirit that i will change the destiny of your nation says the spirit of the living God.

There are changes taking place in the Ministry of Health, there is a new man being given that post. i am not seeing a female, i see a man. It is of God.

A certain minister is tired. A she. She wants to resign. I see certain secret communication going on between her and the big man ( president ). It will look like they have placed another minister but when she herself is tired. she just wants to relax. The ministry of finance will get another minister.


South Sudan

There is a plot to end the life of a certain leader. It will be in the news very soon. Let me be specific, this is the leader of South Sudan. It is an attempt but it will be exposed. We continue to pray for peace in that nation. They will reach and agreement and peace will prevail in that nation in the mighty name of the lord Jesus Christ.

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