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Week 48

The spirit of murder,continue to pray against it. You have been hearing about tycoons being killed. In the spirit, it continues to increase. As we worshiped, i saw that spirit magnify itself and I saw a male MP murdered in the Spirit.There is a female figure about to be given a certain position by the president. She has been very quiet and not very noisy. This shall signify the time for ladies in this nation.

This lady will undergo vetting in parliament and be accepted. Do not be troubled about the leadership in Uganda. God is in control of this nation. Many have said that the transition will come with bloodshed but God is in control.

God is going to bring calm and peace to South Sudan. Whoever is against this wave in that nation, shall be dealt with by God. I saw some people behind a plot to shoot down a plane in Juba, that were exposed.

In the nation of North Korea, I saw the leader getting health complications because of Pride. In his heart, he thinks he will rule the country as his father did. I saw a strong earth quake. The message was "God is humbling the proud". Christianity must penetrate this nation.

I see a female rise up to the presidency in Jamaica.


Week 49
Week 46 - Prophets in Action Conference

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