I see a wind blowing over the city of Windhoek in Namibia. Natural floods that portray the wind of the spirit over the nation.
I see the government of Khartoum disintegrate. It will crumble in a way that will shock the world.There are some NRM People that are old. There are doing some things in secret that shall be exposed. They are organizing a political party.

This party shall be weak. Its time for NRM to shine with youthful men and women.

Pray for the person that you are looking up-to as a nation. You say this one can shake the president. Pray, for his life is in danger.

For one of the founders of a certain local newspaper, i saw death.

A number of Local Radio stations will be closed, whatever is the cause, will be revealed.

There is a certain group of terrorists in a congested place, that carry out an act of terrorism and people die. This is in Mombasa.