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New Beginnings – Get tired of the Situation and seek the Lord - Sermon

On Sunday when I awoke, I felt a strong wind and it was a warm wind.  I began to sweat.  As this wind was blowing, I heard a voice saying “It is the first of the month. Forget all the past failures and all things that did not come to pass.  It is a New Beginning.  You shall declare it and decree it and it shall come to pass”.  Isaiah 43:18-19 says 18 “Do not remember the former things,Nor consider the things of old.19 Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.”  

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Seeing Jesus - Sermon

Greetings from Alpha - I welcome the visitors to Eagle’s Wings Prophetic ministry and thank you for supporting and listening to the radio programs.  I believe that you are being blessed.  Miracles still happen and this is a place for miracles and your miracle is about to come.  You shall soon testify about money, uncommon favor and that car.  Some of you, your cars have delayed but do not lose hope because that car, land or scholarship shall come.

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Week 35

Democratic Republic of Congo There will be a chopper that will on the land of DRC.  It is a big chopper, some people will shoot it and it will come down. The Lord says that that very group has no future.  God says that when the chopper comes down it will be a sign of the beginning of their coming down themselves says the Spirit of the Living God. 

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The Secret in Knowing God - Sermon

Pastor Godfrey Kasaija: First I’d like to thank God for the opportunity given to me to come and bless you. I thank the Prophet Alpha for finding me worthy to come and speak a word to you. He is one of the people in my life that have added value to my life. I thank God for that. I minister with Impact Christian Centre. I am going to share with you words of God that I trust as I have spent 30 years preaching the gospel.

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Jesus the Cure, Understanding Him as the Son of God - Sermon

Prophet Alpha Greeting: We welcome you yet again to Eagles Wings Prophetic Ministry.  I thank God that many of you are testifying and that you are being blessed.  Some are giving personal testimonies and even at the national level, (fulfillment of the floods in the north) we are being blessed. So we are blessed both at the personal and national level. You know someone said that what you believe you become.  

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Dream Big - Message for Month of August - Sermon

We thank the Lord for the continued testimonies. Many are travelling and the glory is unto the Lord.  I believe without any shadow of doubt that the anointing of travel is in this place; travel to nations.    I believe that anointing is going to impact your life.  You shall travel to any nation that you have ever dreamed about.  Nothing can stop you, only you can limit yourself. We thank God for August.  

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Giving & Receiving - Sermon

A call from the prophet: I could sense that there are some of us here that were heavy weighted and want to give up. We easily give up because the word spoken into our lives has not come to pass. If the prophet says July and nothing is happening, do not give up. You could be the problem or it could be the misinterpretation of the prophet. God told Abraham 400 years but it took longer than that to redeem the Israelites.

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Week 30

Uganda:There is an attack on animals in Mbarara. There are going to be strange diseases not common ones attacking the animals. And the Lord’s word in regard to that is, God wants to display His power in that place. The diseases will be strange, very, very strange but the message is that God will reveal his power in the district of Mbaraba says the Spirit. It will not just be in the animals but even in poultry and birds, all disease will be strange.

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The Power of Being a Child of God - Part 2 - Sermon

We once again welcome our guests and we bless the Lord for all the testimonies that are coming in. We shall continue to prophesy big things in your life and the glory is unto the Lord. Last Friday we shared about the authority God shared with man. We read Psalm 115:16 and saw that God gave the earth to man and the heavens belong to Him. So everything in the earth is yours and you have power over everything here on earth;

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Week 27

There is a shaking that is coming to some radio station; this one will not be an earthquake.  It will leave the station almost at the point of getting closed. This shaking will be like a fire.  In the spirit I see a fire and this radio station is Capital FM because when I was seeing the fire, God said it is a Kisementi based radio station.  If you are working at that station, I have no problem with it, but I am saying what I see and hear. 

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The Power of Being a Child of God - Sermon

Greetings to our guests and we continue to thank God for the testimonies.  In Eagles Wings Prophetic Ministry we believe in the New Testament Prophetic Ministry, we believe that God still speaks and that what He speaks shall come to pass.  You have now joined the group of those who witness the future; you know Jesus said that you shall witness these things. So you too have become witness and now you shall believe.

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Week 26

There is a politician, a minister, his name starts with M who is going to pass through a time of challenge. There is someone related to him, a female who’ll have a health condition. It will be a shakeup in his life but after the shake up, things will be good for that gentleman by the name M. he is very influential.An Indian tycoon is going to get complications in his life and they’ll say “who is going to take over his empire?”

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Decree, Command and Create your Future - Sermon

We welcome our guests and thank God as well for the testimonies. I was sharing some testimonies with Brother Steven and he told me that for sure the financial anointing and the anointing of travel is in this place and was wondering why I keep quiet. I want to tell you that whatever God does in your life, come and testify. Even when He gives you 1 Billion, please do. There were three brothers that came to the office this week –

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Week 25

These are the national changes that are going to happen, I do not know why the Lord is showing me things in the economy I saw Stanbic bank getting certain challenges and somehow the name changed. Stanbic ceased to exist.  It will be a shock to be people when it happens but it will be for good.Bank of Uganda: I saw a time and season; it will be a sign or symbol of our economy getting better.  There will be a governor, I do not know when his governor will come but he shall be from the north.  When he comes, during that time, you will see how this economy will perform.

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Salvation in Christ - Sermon

We thank God for the testimony on the promotion. You know there are times in life, when the prophet has to step into his own authority to forcefully make things happen.  (In the last fellowship, Prophet Alpha prayed for all those that believed for a promotion at their jobs and spoke in authority that something must happen; he rejected whatever was standing in people’s way in the name of the Lord.)

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