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Week 16

The strong earthquake that I have prophesied before in the city of Washington, USA is about to happen. It is not coming because God is judging America. Some of these phenomena are used by God to bring a spiritual message.We should also pray for London. My prophetic Spirit connects that whatever is happening now in the US is going to happen in the UK. We need to pray for our brothers, let us be our brothers’ keepers.

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God's Original Plan for Man - Part 1 - Sermon

What God has put on my heart that we shall be discussing in the next few months is God’s original purpose to His creation. Did he create us for religion or relationship? These days people love their religions, they can even die for it. When asked where they got the religion from they respond that from my mother or father. I believe many of us are going to be delivered from religion and stop condemning ourselves from not fulfilling certain religious acts.

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Rest in God

Rest is a very important word. When our Lord Jesus came He said, in Mathew 11:28, ‘come to me you that are heavy laden and I will give you rest’. He called us to give us rest; He wants us to rest. It is not the rest of talked of when one says ‘Rest in Peace’; of death. God wants us to enjoy the rest while still on earth; to have a calm and rested life while still on earth. Rest is for fulfillment on earth not after death as some think. This is the rest I want to share with you.

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Week 15

I perceive a change coming in the management of Mulago Hospital from the top to whatever position that is there. There is a change that is coming and when it happens, the hospital shall be restored back to the former glory that it had in the beginning in the name of the Lord.I see some arrests of some group of people in the South West; they are involved in funny activities but they will be arrested.

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The Kingdom of God is Power - Part 2 - Sermon

1 Corinthians 4:20 says For the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power. Paul said to the Corinthians that in my teaching I do not come to you with persuasive words but I came with demonstration of power and the spirit.  His teaching was not just words because he was demonstrating the Kingdom. We too as Christians are representatives of the Kingdom and we need to demonstrate the power.

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Week 13

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Week 12

Some people were supposed to lose their lives in a plane crash but they are going to be saved. It will be a Kenyan plane.  They will be saved narrowly.  It will be in the news.God says “the weather patterns will change in this nation. You are familiar with rain; the rainy and dry season” but God says “even that which you see in the countries of the west, the mist and the ice, which are strange to a country like Uganda will happen”.

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Week 11

I see in a few days a change in the army. I do not know about the low ranks but I see people in big ranks, big personalities named; there is going to be a reshuffle of the Generals and Lieutenant Generals. I see a lady rising up in the police. She shall be an assistant to the big man, the one heading the police department. She will stand behind the big man and it will be a surprise. It is happening very soon.

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Speak words of life

This year is a unique year, because creation is waiting for the revelation of the sons of God. We believe that we can do what Jesus did while on earth because we are His true representatives. This year is a year to step out, a year to deliver; push. We have been pregnant for years and this is the year to push, the birth pangs are ready and nothing will stop you.

John 11: 20 – Martha told Jesus that I know that whatever you ask of God, He will give you. May the world look us today and say that I know that whatever you ask, God will provide. We need to see ourselves as a vessel of change in our communities, clans and families. We need to look beyond ourselves and into the big picture and we shall see more money coming into our lives. We are not asking God to give us money but to show us where it is because money is here and not in heaven.


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Seek first the Kingdom - Sermon

You are not just in this world to eat, drink, get a good job and drive good cars. There is more to that; and that is to fulfill your part in the Kingdom. God is not interested in just believers, He said make disciples of all men; each of us needs to know our role in the Kingdom.Matthew 6:33Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.

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Week 10

In a few days to come, a few months, the Ministry of Public Service shall have a new Minister. As prophesied before, there is a lady, a cabinet minister on the cabinet of Uganda who is going to resign from her position. It shall be shock to the nation. They will start investigating the reasons for her resignation. But she knows what she is doing and has done is bad and her conscious is not at peace with her.

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Know the truth - Sermon

Everywhere in the world, everyday, people are searching for deliverance; we are all in need of deliverance from a certain type of bondage. These bondages could be physical, financial or spiritual, you name it. But Jesus said in John 8:32 – then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

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Week 9

(To those attending the fellowship) “Money is released into people’s lives. Everything standing in the way is destroyed; I refuse negative reports.”God says there will be divine connections starting 13th March, people will bring you money. Some of you will receive calls from people saying “I have this money, what can you do with it?” Divine connections are coming starting 13th March. I see people buying houses, they shall come here with photos, asking the men of God to go and visit them.

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