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Week 5

There are Changes happening in the East African region. The DRC will soon have new leadership. The Spirit says, these changes are for this region. You may not see a change in the leadership of other nations but change is coming.
Watch and see what i do in the great lakes region in 2017, says the Spirit. I am preparing this region for my great works in the Endtimes.

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Week 3

There are two leaders in Asia who are going to step down from top seats.The Lord will move in these countries like never before.There will be a revival that is characterized by the seeking of God more than ever before. These leaders will resign because they will know they can't be good leaders.It will be a surprise to the world.

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Week 51

On the night of Saturday the 19th i saw, in a vision,  a red dragon rising out of the sea against the continent of Australia. I then saw a strong wind destroying property and life. There was an interference with weather patterns. It was a disaster for Australia. Pray for this country

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Prophetic Word for 2016

2016 is a pivotal year for Uganda. Things will happen so fast, for I am doing a quick and short work in this year says the lord. You will continue to see a lot of drama in the politics of your nation. There will be drama in the sit and office of mayor in this city. The presidential race shall be tight. The year 2016 marks the beginning of reforms in the electoral commission. The chairperson currently in office is going to leave for a fresh appointment.

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Week 49

There is going to be a revolution led by the youth in Kuwait. This will be a good thing for the gospel and change in government. There will be an end to certain beliefs. I see a plane with the writing "Qatar Airways" falling near Kuwait.

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Week 46

Thus saith the LORD "I will bring to light every thing hidden,for I the LORD searches the hearts of men and there is nothing hidden from me.There fore two politicians who were once together  but now separated will be exposed for all the lies starting next month of December".There is an imminent attack on the city of Abidjan and in Asia especially Japan.

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Week 44

I see an attack on the health of the leader of North Korea. In the Spirit, he is one of the "Goliaths" who is falling down.
North Korea will be free from dictatorship because God is liberating them.

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Week 41

Most of the long serving MPs will fall to pave way for others to serve. The Lord is doing something in the politics of Jinja, vibrant lady members of parliament will arise even in the position of Mayor, there will be a new breed of leadership. A bad group will be arrested in bundibugyo but some will escape.

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Week 40

God’s hand of judgement is on Nigeria. God is raising his hand against "boko haram". As a sign, there Shall be a deadly flood around the area where they are located. This is because they want to create a separate country out of Nigeria which is not of God.There is an imminent attack on the health of two politicians.These are Odinga and the president himself.Kenyans should pray for their leaders because the attack will be tied to  heart problems.

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Week 35

There will be a new male minister for Education very soon.The FDC will split on tribal grounds with a group of mainly northerners forming their own party.The Democratic Party will again split and become very weak.I saw flags at half mast in Zimbabwe. The death of the Zimbabwean leader is imminent. The ruling party in Zimbabwe will be greatly weakened by his death.

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Prophetic Conference 25th JULY 2015

There will be a departing away of a certain Muganda Historical in NRM.We shall soon see a new minister for Ethics and integrity.There will be a terrorist attack in the Western part of London.
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Week 28

I saw a fighter jet belonging to Russia falling and crashing. Russia started to point fingers at USA but it will be a sign that the LORD has begun to defend Israel against her enemies.Then the word of the LORD came to me saying, the promises about the new breed of political leaders that I have been speaking about over the past few years is now.

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Week 24

The coalition of the political parties for the coming elections is not from God because these politicians are not doing it with a pure heart.They will be exposed in August when they shall split. The LORD promises peace as the church takes over her position of watch man over the nation. Two politicians will be arrested in connection to a bad group.

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Week 19

Two Presidents in Africa will have challenges in completing their terms because of health issues. One was recently elected, he is the one of Nigeria. The People of Zambia should also pray as they have hope in their leader.There is a threat of death on his life.Pray for the people of Kenya as i see a Hotel in Nairobi being invaded by a bad group.

In Uganda, A certain Minister will take over the position of 3rd Deputy Prime Minister. The one who is there has health challenges. It is of God.

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Week 18

I see Bomb explosion in Iran.Iran thinks it's the only threat. It has been putting Middle East on tension.A Bomb like a missile. The Message is God is going to humble this nation.A Certain TV station is facing a financial crisis, this is being kept secret but workers are going to lose jobs and Management will change.  It is NTV.The Swazi King will soon pass away to pave way for new leadership. It is his time.

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