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Week 14

I see a big division within the FDC party, a shake up that has been prophesied before. I see some speaking ill of the current party leader to the founder.Pray for the UPDF soldiers in South Sudan, because i saw many Killed, something that will be headline news. We pray that God protects them.

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Week 13

Pray for a Certain Ugandan who owns a TV station as he is soon passing away. He is a Muganda. A Certain President with health challenges. He is flown out for treatment. He is already experiencing complications. It’s the leader of South Sudan. For the DRC leader,i see people turning against him within the country. Riots in the capital and assassination attempts.

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Week 12

Last night just before i slept, i listened as the spirit revealed to me about a person with life threatening health complications that is about to lose his position. When i inquired who this person was, the spirit of God revealed to me that this is the spokesman of NRM.There is a male prominent journalist and i see a plot to murder him. This is symbolic of an attack on the media.

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Week 4

I see a wind blowing over the city of Windhoek in Namibia. Natural floods that portray the wind of the spirit over the nation.
I see the government of Khartoum disintegrate. It will crumble in a way that will shock the world.There are some NRM People that are old. There are doing some things in secret that shall be exposed. They are organizing a political party.

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Week 3

Changes coming in Cuba that involve a change of government instigated by the youth through riots.

There will be an attempt to poison an East African Leader.

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Prophetic Word for 2015

The word for 2015 says "a fresh anointing for the body of Christ in Uganda.The Lord is preparing to take a way some of HIS generals and this will usher in a new generation of leaders.Miracles of raising the dead will become part of the church.There is an increase of authority and power in the church which will bring judgement to some as it was with the early church".

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Week 49

The LORD revealed that most politicians are soon retiring from politics which will shock the nations.We will see many Members of Parliament pulling out of active politics starting next year, 2015.The message is, God will start to raise a new breed of youthful politicians especially cabinet ministers and members of parliament.

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Week 48

The spirit of murder,continue to pray against it. You have been hearing about tycoons being killed. In the spirit, it continues to increase. As we worshiped, i saw that spirit magnify itself and I saw a male MP murdered in the Spirit.There is a female figure about to be given a certain position by the president. She has been very quiet and not very noisy. This shall signify the time for ladies in this nation.

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Week 46 - Prophets in Action Conference

New things are happening in your nation says the lord, for God says my words are coming true in your politics. God says, the restructuring is still on, says the Spirit. You will see more. I see a certain shaking,i see certain people loosing their position and their sit is becoming hot. They cannot stay there for a long time. There is pressure coming around a political leader in a blue party.

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Week 44

Israel will soon find out the lies of the Palestinians and will resumes it's attacks on Palestine.There will be a quick change of leadership in Tunisia.I see a youthful man coming to be president of that country and he will be liberal who will open up more to the gospel in that country.Also in Algeria,a youthful president shall arise. In Europe,a certain female leader will fall sick.We pray for her life.

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Week 40

We have entered a season as a country in which the true character on certain personalities will be revealed. When these events start to happen, the stories of Sejjusa that you have been hearing about in the news will be forgotten about. Other big names in the army will be at the forefront in the media.Their heart was not right from the beginning,however, the time for exposure is now.

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Week 38

Two female politicians will pull out from active politics and one of them is connected to the first family. There will be changes in the office of the vice president.

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Week 37

In the spirit i see some politics happening concerning the top position at URA. That's why it has been delayed and do not be surprised when the person who is given that position, fails to last long in that office before another major change again comes. There is funny funny politics being played. But God has not left you people(URA Staff), God wants to give you someone who is God fearing.

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Week 36

There is need for prayers regarding the safety of universities especially Makerere. I saw a fire out break-out at that university. There are changes coming to the Ministry of Education which will see a new minister take over. The Office of the Vice President will see a change.The time for Joseph Kony, the rebel leader is over.He will soon die.The president of Syria will soon fall away from that seat of presidency. The State of California will soon be hit by a huge and deadly earth quake that will destroy properties and people's lives.

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Week 34

Last Saturday at night i received a prophetic dream in which i saw a plane that had taken off from an airport. Before reaching its destination, it made an emergency landing at a nearby airport because some terrorists had hijacked the plane. In my dream, i asked where this plane was from. This plane looked like it was an East African plane. There was fear.Then i saw fear in Kampala, the fear of terrorists.

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