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Week 32

Thus says the lord. When they did whatever they did in secret places, when they plotted things in secret places and they thought , i would not see what they are doing. God says, i am speaking about your nation. For God says, i will bring everything to light, for you are not defeated , my church. You are victorious, for now i am bringing things to light, even starting next week, i will bring things to light.

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Week 31

The enemy is attacking PostBank to have it closed, those with accounts in this bank should pray about this. Thus says the Lord, there will be a restructuring in UMEME, for the Lord says, this will bring new things to life (light).This is for your own good and you shall see it with your own eyes. This restructure affects the top management.I don't see the president of FUFA very long at the helm.

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Week 30

The lord says, even those that indulge in worshiping of idols shall be cut off in the name of the Lord. The gospel will be preached in nations that had blocked the gospel in past years.Watch what i shall do in Africa, for some leaders shall be cut off,they shall be cut off for they hinder my message from being preached in their nations. Watch what i do in Gabon, for even that who rules and controls that nation shall fall and be cut off, says the spirit of the living GOD.

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Week 29

There is coming a revolution in Kuwait which will be characterized by riots. There will be a fire outbreak in a certain hotel in Entebbe. It is the work of the devil. There is coming a major strife in the FDC party between top leaders .

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Week 26

In North Africa, a certain elected president won't finish his term.In a certain west African country there will be a coup and a president is ousted.Malaysia,Indonesia area around Asia,a fire erupts on a mountain,people flee but some die.More minerals to be discovered in Uganda.Gold in Masindi.Even as the US cuts Aid see how the Lord enables this nation.Wealth in places we never imagined.

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Week 25

A certain rebel group will be exposed in Moyo district. There will arise a woman who will become the MP for Kampala Central
There will be changes in the office of the Vice President.

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Week 24

Sometime this past week, the Spirit revealed the following to me as i wrote. The devil is planning to snatch the lives of certain personalities in this country within the next 17 months. The head of the ministry of health, a former minister of education and sports, an old man in the catholic church, I also saw a clergy being murdered.Please continue to lift these personalities in prayer as this isn't the will of GOD.

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Week 21

The Lord showed me a horse and there was someone sitted on this horse. I saw this horse moving over the continent of Europe. The more the horse walked over this continent, there was blood; and the word of the lord came to me, there are judgements about to unfold on Europe. These judgements will come in this way: deadly earth quakes, deadly floods never experienced before, and i saw specifically Spain , a terrorist attack in spain in the city of madrid and people died.

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Week 17

There is a change coming to this country. Something unique is happening to the Church in Uganda. Those who are into theory are about to loose flock. God is increasing in his people the thirst for a God who works and not a God of History.

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Week 15

The minister of transport will go through a challenging time where he will be squeezed and kicked out of office. This is the will of God as something is going to be exposed. There is a serious earthquake that will shake Tanzania. They have taken long without experiencing such a quake. Landslides in Rwanda leading to deaths which is the work of the enemy. Pray about this.

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Week 14

In a dream, i went to Dokolo and i saw the female MP Dead. The cause of her death was a mystery as if someone intended to end her life.I also saw the speaker of parliament with an illness that weakened her legs in this dream. I believe this isn't the will of GOD and i would really like to meet and pray with them.A group shall be held and exposed in this city, they shall be exposed even in kabalagala, they shall be exposed even in makindye,they shall be exposed even in ntinda, for GOD says, i will uncover that which has been hidden. Those that have been plotting to do harm to you, says the spirit.

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Week 13

During my encounters with God this week, i heard this message from the Lord on two different occasions."Have you heard and seen what Russia is doing ? Russia is provoking me. There is a War that will soon breakout and Russia is behind it. Its intention is an attack on Israel " In Uganda, i see an attack on the media, leading to the closing of two media houses and a male journalist disappears and is found dead. Pray against this as it isn't the will of God

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Week 10

Uganda is warned against terrorists this year. A male influential politician perishes in plane crash while the war in south Sudan exposes a country backing the rebels. Uganda and this country shows military might in the air space of South Sudan but they will fall.There will be an attack on the parliament, and some MPs will start to disappear mysteriously. There shall be a small fire outbreak in the parliamentary building.

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Week 7

God is cleansing the heavenly places which is going to affect nations especially nations whose leaders are in to idol worship.
In Africa, the leaders of Gabon and Chad shall be uprooted. Then due to the heavenly cleansing,there will be a heavy bomb explosion over Iran.

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Week 6

There is a shift in the political parties in the country starting this year as a preparation for a new generation.UPC will be shaken very soon as their old woman will die and the present leader of the party will be dropped. DP will also be shaken as they will also receive a new leader. Three prominent female political figures will soon pass away.

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